2018/07/05 08:24:09

I have added the KSZ8895 as an unmanned switch.
If I erase the I²C eeprom then the switch works OK.
If I fill the 256 bytes and program the eeprom, the switch stops responding.
Is there a file with all 256 parameters for a unmanned switch?
Is there some documentation how to setup the eeprom to get the switch working just as if there was no eeprom present?
It would be much easier to start working with a known setup.
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2018/09/05 07:32:04
I too have the same question.  I looked at the datasheet for the KSZ8895 and determined what the hex values would be for all default settings and loaded the EEPROM with all 256 values making sure that register 1 was set to 0x00 and
Regisiter 0 is 0x95.  The switch works perfectly if I do not use the EEPROM but when my default values get loaded it stops working.  I double checked my values and they look ok.  I am assuming that the RO locations are not affected by a write command.  I created a spreadsheet with the values and use hexedit to modify the bin file.  If I figure out what I am doing wrong I'll post the bin file for you.
2020/11/13 02:22:34
I have to ask whether any of three ports can be used as unmanaged switch as if the port 4 and port 5 are not connected??? 
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