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Visit Microchip at LIGHTFAIR® International 2019

LIGHTFAIR International 2019, being held from May 21-23, 2019, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA, is the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting event. Exciting solutions will be on display to help elevate your designs. Visit us in booth #4231 in the IoT Pavilion to find the newest ideas in lighting products, technology and design.  

Explore Our Demos

Whether you’re looking for a preview of what we’re showing at LIGHTFAIR 2019 or following up after the show for additional information and next steps, here is the list of our demos with links to more product information to help you get started with your design.


Touch Light Switches

Lighting has evolved in so many ways; why not evolve your light switches too? Powered by Microchip’s touch technology, LIVOLO wall touch switches enable you to control your lights with the same ease of use and convenience as the interface on a smartphone. Switchable face plates allow you to easily match your wall color with no rewiring required.

Low-Power Touch

The state-of-the-art touch interfaces available on smartphones are now the preferred bridge between technology and the user. Low power consumption is a key design consideration when adding touch buttons, sliders and touchpads to battery-powered IoT nodes. Discover how Microchip’s touch solutions deliver industry-leading low power and robust performance to user interfaces for IoT nodes and other application.

Water-Tolerant Touch

Use your smartphone with wet fingers and it will not react. But the touch interface in your embedded device can do a better job. Find out how to create water-tolerant touch buttons, wheels and sliders using our touch solutions.

Human-Centric Lighting Demo

The right light in an office and home environment improves productivity and health. Microchip has developed a total system solution that demonstrates how to implement an intelligent, controllable lighting system to achieve human-centric lighting. This demo shows how to drive and control two different color temperature LED strings via Bluetooth® communication.

Dimmable 40W RGB Lamp with Linear Dimming

Create cost-effective intelligent office and home lighting solutions with our complete solution. This demo showcases the use of CL88020 offline sequential drivers to drive red, green and blue lamps controlled via UART communication using an 8-bit PIC® microcontroller for color mixing and linear dimming

Laser Dynamic Lighting and Projection

See our demos to learn how using MEMS mirror-based laser beam steering for vector graphic projection on multiple surfaces is the only practical, programmable laser projection solution. This small , low-cost and high-bandwidth solution enables content to be displayed with high contrast and brightness. It also offers high use-repeatability and reliability in different environments. We will also demonstrate how a laser beam steered on a phosphor-on-lens can also be used to create dynamic and power-efficient lighting solutions.

100W Offline Sequential Linear Driver

This demo showcases how the CL88030/31 sequential linear drivers can drive high-power LEDs with a single offline driver paired with multiple external FETs. This eliminates the need for bulky HV magnetics, which enables you to create smaller and lower-cost designs that also deliver higher reliability and a longer operating life.

100W Dimmable LED Lamp with Bluetooth® Communication

The demand for higher power and more brightness at a lower cost is increasing day by day, especially in street lighting and low- and high-bay lighting applications. Visit our booth to see a demo of our ready-to-market, low-cost and high-power LED driver solution, which showcases a 100W dimmable LED driver with Bluetooth communication to enable software dimming. It uses an HV9805 high-PF, high-efficiency offline LED driver with an 8-bit PIC16F15313 microcontroller and RN4871 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module to implement a high-power and intelligent solution with zero flicker.

Dimmable White Light with UART Communication

See a demonstration of an intelligent lighting solution using offline sequential linear drivers to drive a single white lamp. The intensity can be controlled using linear dimming via UART communication through an 8-bit PIC microcontroller.

Smart Lighting in the Cloud Simplified: PoE and Cloud Integration

Discover how our solutions enable the integration of smart lighting and control with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and cloud-based services for advanced monitoring and control. Our demonstration uses 90W PoE RGBW LED luminaires, occupancy sensors, light level sensors, light control inputs and other devices interfacing to the Google cloud for control and monitoring.