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Visit Microchip at Flash Memory Summit 2019

Microchip is excited to announce our participation at the Flash Memory Summit (FMS), August 6-8, 2019, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. FMS is the world’s meeting place for technology innovators in Flash memory, storage markets and applications. At the show you’ll be able to meet with our experts to discuss how to create smart, connected and secure designs across a variety of markets. You can expect to see leading-edge technology demonstrations from Microchip and our partners. Last year, our Switchtec advanced fabric PCIe® switch was named Best in Show in the Network Interconnect category, and we’re planning to showcase an equally important set of technology solutions for 2019.

Microchip will be in Booth #601.  Visit the FMS website to find more information about the show.

Flash Memory Summit

Be Sure to Attend Andrew Dieckmann’s FMS Keynote: A Compelling Look at Flexible Infrastructures

The Composable Platform: Enabling Innovation Through Flexible Infrastructure

A flexible infrastructure will enable resource composability spanning storage, compute and memory, and it has the potential to dramatically improve operating efficiency within the data center. Traditional, inflexible infrastructure results in a tremendous loss of operating efficiency, while precious resources become underutilized and stranded. This keynote will explore innovation in a flexible infrastructure for storage, compute and memory, examine primary barriers to adoption and highlight technology areas that both the industry and Microchip Technology are enabling to meet the needs of the composable platform.


Andrew Dieckmann is vice president of marketing and applications engineering for the data center solutions (DCS) division at Microchip Technology's Microsemi subsidiary. He is responsible for product management, product marketing, product strategy and the application engineering teams supporting Microsemi's broad portfolio of storage solutions, including SSD controllers, memory controllers, RAID solutions, HBAs, PCIe switches and SAS expanders. Prior to Microchip, Mr. Dieckmann led marketing for Microsemi’s data center business and helped build PMC-Sierra’s enterprise storage business from inception to an industry leadership position. He earned an electrical engineering degree from Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada.

Explore Our Live Storage Technology Demonstrations

Whether you’re looking for a preview of what we’re showing in August or following up post-show for additional information and next steps, the sections below list our FMS 2019 demos and include links to help you start designing.

Eliminate Memory Bandwidth Bottlenecks to the CPU

This demo illustrates how compatible Central Processing Units (CPUs), Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Systems on Chip (SoCs) can eliminate the memory bandwidth bottleneck of traditional DDR4 memory controllers. This results in a substantial improvement in the memory bandwidth per core and an improvement in performance for memory-bandwidth intensive applications such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Accelerating NVM to GPU Direct Transfer Rates Using PCIe Fabrics and Logical Storage Volumes

A critical performance metric in every AI/ML workload is the rate at which training or inference data can be transferred to Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) memory. This demo illustrates how GPU direct transfers, PCIe fabric technologies and logical (RAID) storage volumes can be applied to substantially increase the rate at which GPUs can access these datasets from Nonvolatile Memory (NVM) storage. GPU direct transfers allow data to be directly transferred between NVM devices and GPU memory, without being copied to host memory. PCIe fabrics can route these peer-to-peer transfers directly across the fabric, decreasing root port congestion and surpassing CPU performance bottlenecks. Employing logical storage volumes delivers maximum instantaneous bandwidth to the NVM storage. The combination of these technologies offers blazing-fast transfer rates of files directly from NVM Express (NVMe) storage into GPU memory.

Raising the Bar in Performance and Flexibility with the Flashtec® PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD Controller

This demo will showcase the performance of our newest Flashtec PCIe Gen 4 NVMe Solid State Digital (SSD) controller via sequential accesses from a host to Flash and interoperation with different NAND types to highlight its flexibility.

Sharing NVMe in an Edge Computing Machine Learning Inference Application

This demo will feature a Switchtec PAX switch enabling the sharing of NVMe storage between two machine inference engines to do simultaneous object recognition and line detection/vector prediction.

SAS 24G End-to-End Connectivity with Microchip's Unique Dynamic Channel Multiplexing

Showcasing the high-performance PCIe Gen 4 24G SAS Tri-Mode SmartROC 3200 storage controller and the industry's first 24G SAS expander, the SXP 24G, this demo will illustrate the industry's first end-to-end 24G SAS link between a storage controller and a SAS expander and the power of IO aggregation when connecting to pools of SAS or SATA drives over 24G SAS backbones when using Microchip's unique Dynamic Channel Multiplexing (DCM).