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Visit Microchip at Embedded Tech Expo 2019

Microchip is excited to announce our participation at Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference (ETC) 2019, an event focused on education and training covering embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity, edge computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. ETC will be held June 25-27, 2019 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

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Attend Workshop Sessions with Our Experts

Join us for our Effortless Design Workshop, where you will learn about our products and solutions for designing edge node IoT systems. You will see a wide selection of our hardware development tools in action, from low-cost, entry-level tools to high-end systems with dynamic power measurement capability. To discover how Microchip can enhance your next design, please use the link below to register for Embedded Tech Expo and sign up for these workshop sessions.


Workshop Information

Effortless Design Workshop: Advanced Arduino® Debugging

Thursday, June 27 at 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. PST
McEnery Convention Center, Room 231A

Have you ever wanted to move your Arduino sketches into a professional development environment with full debug capabilities? This session will introduce you to the Arduino sketch import capability in Atmel Studio 7, which allows for full source code debugging. You’ll work with and get to keep an ATmega328P Xplained Mini Evaluation Kit and a JTAGICE3 debugger, which provides everything needed to implement source level debugging on Arduino projects. Seating is limited and lunch will be provided.

8-bit Microcontroller IoT Focus

Thursday, June 27 at 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. PST
McEnery Convention Center, Room 231A

This session will provide you with a solid understanding of the different parts of an IoT device. You will learn how to evaluate the different components that should be in your next design. The instructor will discuss "things" and how to interface with a microcontroller in the most efficient way possible using the Core Independent Peripherals that are available on the latest PIC® microcontrollers. The class will finish with a demo that brings together the different lessons learned.

Multi-Cloud Enrollment with 32-bit MCU and Trustonic Kinibi-M Security Software

Thursday, June 27 at 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST
McEnery Convention Center, Room 231A

Experience a live demo showcasing the capability of the factory pre-provisioned identity stored in a SAM L11 microcontroller being used to authenticate a multiple-cloud ecosystem. Since the identity is cloud agnostic, the IoT device has the flexibility to connect to the cloud provider of choice. Most importantly, the device manufacturer does not have to rearchitect or reprogram a board for each cloud provider, saving cost and time to market.

Ask the Experts

Thursday, June 27 at 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
McEnery Convention Center, Room 231A

Meet with Microchip’s experts and get your questions answered.


Speaker Biographies


An avid Maker before it was a widespread term, Bob Martin has been tearing apart things to see how they work for his entire life. With 30 years of embedded system experience, he now serves as Microchip’s “Wizard of Make”, continuing in this role that was created during his time with Atmel. His goals are to keep the Maker spirit alive within Microchip, educate aspiring Makers and continue to create, experiment and explore as much as he can.

Ricky Johnson Photo

Since graduating from Arizona State University in 2017 with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering, Ricky has been working at Microchip as a marketing applications engineer. In this role, he creates collateral to help inform customers about how to use different PIC® and AVR® devices. This collateral includes PDF tutorials, YouTube videos, and various other forms of instructional materials.

Anand Rangarajan Photo

Anand Rangarajan is a product marketing manager responsible for the embedded security market segment in Microchip’s 32-bit microcontroller division. In this role, he is working on expanding the security ecosystem for Microchip’s microcontroller portfolio to offer customers an end-to end security solution that will help secure their applications. He also monitors the latest security trends and innovations and uses this information to guide future developments that will benefit Microchip’s customers.