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Microchip Technology at CES 2019

Microchip is excited to announce our attendance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) January 8-11, 2019. CES is the world’s meeting place for technology innovators across automotive, consumer, medical, industrial and more. At the show you’ll be able to meet with our experts to discuss how to create smart, connected and secure designs across a variety of markets. We’ll be exhibiting, by appointment only, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, MP26166. To schedule your meeting with an expert and experience how Microchip can enhance your next design, please click the "Request a Demo" button.

Explore Our Demos

Whether you’re looking for a preview of what we’re showing in January or following up post-show for additional information and next steps, the sections below list our CES 2019 demos across the areas of connected home, connected factory and connected car, and include links to help you start designing.

Connected Home Demos

White Goods

Time is Money

Time is money – especially in development processes where time to market is a key factor in the decision process. Microchip's turnkey touch solutions are readymade for your touch design. Buttons, sliders, wheels, proximity – all available with selectable interfaces (I2C, SPI, GPIO) from a single input, up to 64 buttons. Even appliance safety class B pre-certified solutions are available for designs where functional safety is a focus.

Low-Power Wi-Fi® Sensors

Discover how Wi-Fi devices can be used in hard-to-get-to places in the home without running new power through the walls with the ultra-low power ATWINC1510, an IEEE 802.11 b/g/n network controller to add-on to existing microcontroller (MCU) solutions bringing Wi-Fi and network capabilities through SPI-to-Wi-Fi interface.

Voice-to-Text with Bluetooth® Low Energy

Mobile phones are everywhere and sometimes you need to be able to see what is being said. Watch how the ATBTLC1000-ZR Bluetooth low energy System in Package (SiP) module, hosted by the SAM D21 MCU, can enable you to view the words you hear on an easy-to-use E-Ink display from Ineltek.

Voice Recognition Audio Processing

Check out how you can talk to your speaker and give it commands, even while it is already playing music with incredible barge-in performance by the Timberwolf Audio processing platform. The ZL38063 enhances the user's experience for audio applications in connected home, set top boxes, smart speakers and many other applications.

Easy Branding and Ease of Use

Drive profitable brand preference and ease of use for your end customers with the PIC32MZ DA graphics microcontrollers and MPLAB® Harmony Graphics Composer tools and libraries. Custom graphics, animation and deep-color pallets will have your embedded design reflecting your company’s professional brand image, driving preference and profit.


Wi-Fi to Bluetooth Low-Energy Gateway

Learn how to securely connect Bluetooth devices like a door lock, ceiling fan or LED bulb to the cloud with the combination of the ATWINC3400 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module and the ATECC608A secure element. The ATWINC3400 is an IoT network controller offering Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy network capabilities within a single module. The ATECC608A secure element integrates Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman (ECDH) security protocol an ultra-secure method to provide key agreement for encryption/decryption, along with Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) sign-verify authentication, ideal for IoT applications.

Secure Authentication to Google Cloud IoT Core with a Secure Element

Learn how to protect the private key used for authentication in a flexible, secure element while easily implementing JSON Web Token-based authentication. This cost-effective solution uses the ATECC608A secure element to provide robust security, even to systems with small microcontrollers (MCUs) such as an Arm® Cortex®-M0+ based device.

Secure Authentication to AWS IoT Core with a Secure Element

Protect the private key used for the authentication of your AWS IoT connected device by using our flexible secure element (ATECC608A). Enabling robust, mutual authentication with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), this cost-effective solution can be used across a wide range of MPUs and MCUs, including small Arm Cortex-M0+ based MCUs.


Smart, Connected and Secure Wearable Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Microchip’s smart, connected and secure Wearable ECG Demonstration Board can be used in the design of advanced fitness tracking devices and can also be designed into medical wearable remote patient monitoring and diagnostic systems. This ECG demo measures complex heart rate and computes other heart-related data, tracks patient movement and transmits data via Bluetooth to communicate with tablets, smartphones or PCs. You’ll also see a demonstration of secure authentication to a cloud server.

Medical Patient Monitor System

Microchip’s Patient Monitor demo shows a functional design that measures real-time ECG, blood oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure and skin temperature. This demo runs on the SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra Microprocessor Evaluation Board with a Linux® operating system. The real-time vital sign measurements are supplied by the ECG, pulse oximeter, blood pressure meter and medical thermometer demonstration board designs.

Single-Chip Nebulizer Design with Secure Authentication Capability

Microchip’s Single-Chip Nebulizer Design with Secure Authentication Capability demo shows a functional nebulizer design where only the manufacturer’s medicine cup will authenticate with the same manufacturer’s main nebulizer head unit and not with a counterfeit medicine cup. The benefits of authentication are protection for brand name, brand quality, sales revenue, service revenue and from regulatory and legal liability issues.

Connected Factory Demos


Low-Power Touch

Low-power requirements have moved from a niche sector to the main stage – these days nearly every design runs on a tight power budget. Microchip’s touch solutions support low power right from the tool chain. Low-power capabilities are now an inherent part of your solution – not an afterthought, and are supported on all MCU platforms (PIC®/AVR®/SAM) and for all use cases including single and multiple buttons, sliders, touch pads and proximity.

Touch and Water – Solved

The user interface is the product from your customer's view and reliability is key to provide a smooth user experience. Microchip’s water tolerant and water proof touch solutions are ready to conquer new territories for capacitive touch. Outdoor usage, rain rejections, usage with wet/dirty/oily finger or gloves are all covered.


Trust Your Firmware

Learn how the CEC1702 full-featured 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F-based microcontroller enables secure boot of system firmware, providing an immutable identity and a root of trust to ensure that the firmware is untouched and hasn’t been corrupted. The CEC1702 can be used as a crypto co-processor or as a standalone microcontroller, while also providing easy-to-use authentication, private key and customer programming flexibility to minimize your risk.

Secure picoPower® LoRa Node

Learn how to implement Arm TrustZone® technology and other crucial security features found in low-power LoRa end nodes powered by the SAM L11MCU in such as this light sensor. The SAM L11 features picoPower Technology, with less than 25 uA/MHz active current and less than 100 nA sleep current, as well as enhanced Peripheral Touch Control, making it perfect for wearable, wireless and security-focused applications.

Versatile picoPower Technology

Learn how one family of 32-bit microcontrollers can serve your needs in low-power, water-tolerant touch and high-trust applications. The SAM L1x family’s picoPower technology, enhanced Peripheral Touch Controller and robust security technologies are well suited for smart city, industrial automation, smart agriculture, medical and accessory authentication applications.

Build Your Intelligent Cloud Gateway

With AWS Greengrass Gateway on a Microchip MPU evaluation board, you can see how easy it is to get your AWS Greengrass Gateway started. You can interact with the demo and see how the intelligent gateway can lower your customer’s cloud connectivity cost by doing local processing in the gateway.


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

Networked sensors are the future of improving the efficiency of HVAC systems in smart buildings. Learn how three different networking schemes, LoRaWAN, MiWi™ and Wi-Fi® can all be used to send sensor readings to the AWS cloud.

Enabling Next-Generation ADAS Applications with Microchip Switchec™ PCIe Gen 4 Switches

The automobile is evolving rapidly with the usage of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) to further enable L2 to L5 levels of autonomous driving. This has introduced a whole new category of challenges. Automobiles now require a very high-performance, robust and interconnected interface to tie together sensors, cameras and machine-learning processing. Microchip’s Switchtec PCIe Gen4 switches are ideally suited to connect a large number of processors and multiple PCIe endpoints that is high performance, robust and low power.

Industrial USB-to-Ethernet Bridging

This demo showcases scalable networking for industrial applications by simulating artificial industrial traffic between an industrial PC (IPC) and embedded link partners using Microchip's USB3.1 Gen1-to-Gigabit Ethernet bridging products.

Ethernet Switch with Ring Redundancy

Ring redundancy is used to ensure that critical data, especially control data, is received by sending the data through the ring in two directions. Microchip's KSZ9477 is the only switch to support DLR and HSR with hardware acceleration to reduce the burden placed on the controller to identify and drop duplicate packets.


Eliminate the Adverse Effects of Temperature

Maintaining measurement accuracy across temperature is difficult, if not altogether impossible. The self-correcting architecture of a zero-drift amplifier maintains accuracy regardless of environmental conditions. This demonstration highlights this capability by comparing the performance of a zero-drift amplifier and a standard amplifier while cycling the temperature.

Connected Car Demos


In-Vehicle Networking Message Authentication Demo

Protecting in-vehicle networks from hackers is a clear and urgent necessity. Come see how easy it is to get an instrument cluster to misbehave by hacking into a CAN bus and how to protect against it by implementing CAN Message Authentication with Microchip’s CryptoAutomotive™ Security ICs In-Vehicle Network (IVN) TrustAnchor/Border Security Device development kit.


Touch Integration

Have you ever wondered: How to integrate the user interface into a 3D curved surface (e.g. in a car)? How to backlight and integrate the (flex)PCB right into the molded module? How to reduce complexity and weight? TACTOTEK’s smart molded structures offer an automotive-grade solution that answers those questions and work well with Microchip’s touch technology.

CAN Partial Networking

Learn how CAN Partial Networking reduces power consumption by activating only ECUs that are needed to implement a certain function (e.g. HVAC) and by keeping the rest of the ECUs in the network in low power mode. The demo simulates six functions inside a vehicle using the ATA6570 Partial Networking transceiver, the ATSAMC21J18A CAN FD MCU, an attractive GUI (Qt/Linux) running on the ATSAMA5D27-SOM1, and multiple click boards as sensors and actuators.

Touch and Turn: Innovative Touch and Knob User Interfaces Powered by maXTouch® Technology

This demo shows the seamless integration of touchscreen and mechanical knob functionality using the same maXTouch controller and a single capacitive sensor. Whether an implementation is for Knob-on-Display (KoD) or Display-on-Knob (DoK), maXTouch technology effectively enables the combination of capacitive and mechanical HMI components.

Interaction Though Touch or Gesture

The combination of maXTouch and GestIC® technologies demonstrates a new automotive HMI concept. Based on capacitive technologies, this demo combines multi-touch input, proximity detection, pre-touch selection and hover, air gestures as well as driver/passenger detection. This unique approach is using the same capacitive sensor for all of the HMI functions.

Easily Create Large Automotive Touchscreens

This tool is a dedicated evaluation kit for the recently announced ATMXT2912TD-A targeting very large automotive touchscreens. The evaluation kit enables the user to rapidly add HMI functionality to their automotive display and HMI system. It is an out-of-box experience in combination with maXTouch™ Studio for rapid evaluation, testing and prototyping. It will support thick lens and demonstrates multi-finger thick glove tracking and best-in-class moisture/water immunity. maXTouch Studio is Microchip’s free software development tool for maXTouch touchscreen controllers.


Automotive Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

Check out how our automotive-ready devices can be used in a typical car door for remote keyless entry. The fully integrated ultra-low power solution based on an 8-bit AVR MCU core and AES-128 Crypto Engine ATA5700 is ideal for Automotive Passive Entry/Start (PEPS) and automotive remote keyless entry.

Charge Your World

The realm of portable device charging has never been so diverse. Micro-B, Type-A, Type-C and proprietary connectors combine with a mess of negotiation standards to merge into a cluster of incompatibility and confusion. See different device charging circuits in operation, learn what hardware is required to support what standards and how to create simple, positive charging experiences without overly complicating the circuits.

Wireless Power and Charging

Learn how the dsPIC33 digital signal controller, which includes a powerful DSP core, high-speed ADCs, high-resolution PWMs, and provides a high level of programmability, enables standards-based and proprietary wireless charging solutions. The dsPIC33-based 15W transmitter complies with the Qi standard, and supports CAN, NFC and authentication. The 200W transmitter/receiver solution, targeted for applications such as power tools, industrial robots etc., is based on a proprietary protocol, provides greater than 90% efficiency and includes an advanced foreign object detection scheme.

Secured Automotive Ethernet Gateway

This demonstrates an example of a secure automotive Ethernet gateway solution. It features hardware authentication to secure access to the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) interface, in addition to protection from remote flood attacks.

USB CarPlay and Power Balancing

Today's Breakout Box solution currently supports BC1.2 charging alongside support for Apple CarPlay® and Baidu’s CarLife software. This demo expands that charging functionality to power delivery, enabling the charging of more power-hungry consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

INICnet™ Technology for Voice Applications

Learn how Microchip’s new INICnet technology enables sophisticated audio, acoustics and voice applications for vehicles. This includes in-cabin-communication, voice recognition and active noise cancellation. INICnet offers efficient and flexible transmission of multiple audio channels including microphones distributed throughout the car. In addition, INICnet supports control, video, Ethernet data transmission plus Power over Data Line. INICnet enables implementation of acoustics and voice applications while reducing time to market, mitigating risk and reducing develop cost.

INICnet-Ethernet Coexistence

With Ethernet frame support, INICnet technology links seamlessly with Ethernet-oriented system architectures. For automotive infotainment systems, INICnet provides simple and efficient streaming data (audio, video) transport, along with support for packet-data functions such as file transfer, and software updating. IP-based system management such as SOME/IP, MQTT, or any other IP-based concept, can be applied across Ethernet and INICnet domains via a simple bridging function. Thus, INICnet provides the optimal infotainment networking solution with support of both stream and IP data types.

MIPI CSI-2 Bridge to CoaXPress® Technology

Learn how CoaXPress technology enhances the use of MIPI CSI-2 interface for high-speed uncompressed image data transfer for ADAS and autonomous driving. CoaXPress provides very low-latency communication over long length cables up to 12.5 Gbps data transfer, for downlink, and 40 Mbps uplink data transfer for communication and control.

Analog, Power and Timing

Laser Beam Steering

Electrostatically driven MEMS mirrors coupled with Microchip’s HV drive electronics offer a compact, reliable and low-cost solution for laser beam steering. This enables accurate and fast control of the laser beam in diverse applications such LIDAR, pico-projectors, HUDs, dynamic lighting, ARVR tracking, laser marking and 3D metrology.

Move the Future

Rotate, slide and interact with simple examples of linear and rotary inductive position sensors and see how their position is read by a host processor. The new LX3301A and LX3302A inductive position sensor ICs provide high-performance solutions for high-reliability and safety-critical automotive position sensor applications. Our unique magnetic field sensors provide accurate position measurements, are immune to stray magnetic fields and don't require a magnetic target.

Accurate Clocking Over Extreme Temperatures

Microchip’s MEMS oscillators have on-chip temperature compensation resulting in a very accurate clock source (+/-20ppm) across temperatures as extreme as -40C to +125C (automotive grade 1). The robustness, small package size, accuracy over temperature and AEC-Q100 qualification make these MEMS oscillators a perfect fit for your automotive and industrial timing needs.

Efficient ISELED Support Using Microchip MCUs

Microchip now offers capability to drive and control new ISELED smart Automotive LED products with a wide range of our 8-, 16- and 32-bit MCUs. ISELED “digital" LEDs integrate a single red, green and blue LED into a single package. Hundreds of these LEDs will be featured in next generation car lighting systems.