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Enabling the Powertrain of Today and Tomorrow

The automotive industry is in motion, as the powertrain transitions from conventional fuels to hybrid and full electric. The electrification of critical functions demands reliable solutions to generate, distribute and control high power, through 48V DC/DC conversion to full electric features. We have the right technology to enable the powertrain of today and tomorrow.

When you work with us, you get access to best-in-class technology that is supported by a world-class level of domain expertise. From power conversion to motor drive, we understand how to sense and control every aspect of the Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) powertrain.


Electro Mobility (e-Mobility) changes the way people move and define transportation. e-Mobility starts with electric vehicles, such as personal mini transporters, scooters, bicycles, cars, agricultural vehicles, commercial vehicles and drones, and includes capabilities such as charging infrastructure, intelligent routing and payment systems. There are many challenges in developing e-Mobility solutions and minimizing electric power losses while intelligently managing power conversion are vital capabilities for successful companies in this market.

We can help you manage the change from conventional combustion engines driven vehicles to new e-Mobility solutions. Our flexible solutions across analog, connectivity, microcontroller, sensor and power allow you to address the rigorous requirements of e-Mobility while our reference designs help jump-start product development. Innovate with our flexible solutions and thrive with the e-Mobility evolution.

Explore an Application

We support a wide variety of powertrain, electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle and e-Mobility applications. Find the resources you need, including devices, development tools, documentation and more, to move your design forward in our application-specific pages.

Automotive-Qualified Products

Design your automotive system on your terms. Our wide variety of automotive-qualified products give you the freedom to differentiate your design however you’d like. Explore our entire automotive product portfolio below:

Design Support

Technical expertise underpins our capabilities in developing AC/DC and DC/DC conversion for high-power systems, the design of Combined Alternator/Starter Motor (CAS) units, driving pumps and fans, and the continued electrification of powertrains for internal combustion and full electric vehicles. By working closely with our clients to understand their needs, we can apply our expertise to make your customers’ experience even better.

Development Tools

With a wide portfolio of reference designs, development tools and proof-of-concept software, we help our automotive clients turn ideas into functions, fast. Our extensive range of internal resources, such as the motorBench® Development Suite, simplifies complex design challenges, like developing a field-oriented control algorithm for high or low voltage motors. These featured development boards help you create a complete solution:


Our software framework comprises a range of building blocks, from solutions for critical protocols like PSI5 and SENT, to commercially available AUTOSAR-compliant low-level drivers, all of which can be quickly adapted to meet customer-specific requirements by our dedicated team of industry experts. A close integration with our MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE), coupled with a broad library of reference software, enables faster development cycles and rapid approval processes.

Global Support

As we transition to a 48V architecture to apply greater levels of power with greater responsiveness and accuracy, new and innovative solutions are needed. Our experts work closely with your engineers to develop winning solutions. Our local knowledge is distributed globally to enable OEMs to develop the powertrain of tomorrow.

Quality, Supply Chain, Production

With the increase in electronic content making its way into the engine compartment, more of our solutions are developed to meet AEC-Q100 Grade 0. This level of quality can be found throughout our wide product portfolio suitable for powertrain applications.