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Heated and cooled seats can provide comfort to occupants throughout the vehicle in times of inclement weather. Heating is normally accomplished via heating elements placed in the seats while passive cooling is performed with the use of fans that provide air circulation throughout the seating material.

The operation of the heated and cooled seats in normally managed via the LIN bus and is accomplished by a small, cost-effective microcontroller that controls MOSFETs driving heating elements and cooling fans. We offer cost-effective components to help you design an efficient, flexible embedded control system for various seating configurations.


Microcontrollers and Digital Signal Controllers

We offer the broadest portfolio of automotive-grade microcontrollers (MCUs) and Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) in the industry. With Core Independent Peripherals and multiple connectivity options and a range of package types to choose from, you will surely find a device that meets your system’s needs.

  • dsPIC33EV256GM106 – 70 MIPS, 5V DSC with PWM, SENT, CAN, op amps and advanced analog features
  • dsPIC33CK64MP105 – 100 MIPS DSC with high-resolution PWM, advanced analog integration and functional safety features
  • PIC24FJ256GA705 – Cost-effective MCU with integrated analog, functional safety features and small footprint

LIN Transceivers

Our LIN transceivers range from stand-alone to LIN transceivers to fully integrated System-in-Packages (SIPs) that include a voltage regulator and a microcontroller. Our LIN transceivers are compliant with the industry-standard LIN bus specifications and are approved by the major global OEMs.

  • MCP2003B – Standalone 8-pin LIN transceiver
  • ATA663254 – LIN System Basis Chip including 5.0V voltage regulator and NRES-output
  • ATA663454 – LIN System Basis Chip including 5V voltage regulator, watchdog and high-side switch

Voltage Regulators

Our basic power management solutions include several automotive-grade linear and switched voltage regulators. Linear regulators feature low dropout voltages, ultra-low quiescent currents, wide input voltage ranges, load dump and reverse batter protection. Switching regulators support buck, boost, buck-boost and SEPIC designs from 100 mA to 12A output currents.

  • MIC5280 – High-performance, low-dropout regulator, 25 mA, 120V, Adjustable Vout from 1.215 to 5V.
  • MCP1790 – 30V, 70 mA, load dump protected linear voltage regulator
  • MCP1755 – 300 mA, 16V, high-performance LDO

Analog-to-Digital Converters

If you an external Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) for your design, we offer a wide variety of solutions. Our automotive-grade portfolio includes Successive Approximation Register (SAR) and delta-sigma ADCs. Our SAR ADCs range from 10-bit to 16-bit resolution, with speeds up to 1 Msps. Our delta-sigma converters offer 16-bit to 22-bit resolution, with sampling rates up to 125 ksps.

  • MCP3001 - 2.7V 10-bit ACD with SPI serial interface
  • MCP3302 - 13-bitdifferential input ADC with SPI serial interface
  • MCP33131D-10 - 1 Msps 16-/14-/12-bit differential input SAR ADC
  • MCP3422 - 18-bit, multi-channel delta-sigma ADC with I2C interface and on-board reference
  • MCP3553 - Low-power, single-channel 22-bit delta-sigma ADC

MOSFET Drivers

Our portfolio of MOSFET drivers comprises a wide variety of configurations providing for flexibility of design. It includes half-bridge drivers with adaptive dead-time and shoot-through protection, single and dual low-side drivers available in inverting, non-inverting and complementary configurations, and high-side drivers that feature latch up under-voltage lockout protection.

  • MIC4605 – Half-bridge 85V MOSFET driver
  • ATA6844 – BLDC motor driver and LIN system basis chip
  • MCP14700 – 2A synchronous half-bridge MOSFET driver
  • TC4432 – 1.5A 30V high-side MOSFET driver
  • MAQ4125 – 3A 20V dual complementary low-side MOSFET driver
  • MCP1416 – 1.5A 18V single low-side MOSFET driver

Development Tools