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Many of our Ethernet products feature our innovative technologies for creating robust, reliable and energy-efficient Ethernet designs that can meet the demands of a variety of applications. Learn more about these technologies below.

EtherGREEN™ Smart, Low-Power, Energy-Efficient Platform

Our innovative EtherGREEN platform demonstrates our strong commitment to providing green networking solutions so you can easily add reliable, low-power Ethernet connectivity to your embedded designs. EtherGREEN technology is integrated into our high-quality and high-performance Ethernet PHYs, switches and controllers, enabling them to deliver more than 50% lower power consumption than previous-generation products.

As part of the EtherGREEN platform, Ultra-Deep Sleep offers the industry’s lowest Ethernet standby current consumption, which makes it well suited for use in battery or battery-backup applications. Its integrated signal detect circuitry enables the standby state to be initiated and automatically awakened by the far end link partner. A Signal Detect output signal can be used to power down the complete module, consuming microAmps of the total standby current.

EtherSynch® Platform for the Right Timing

Combining Ethernet communications, advanced Quality of Service (QoS), distributed synchronization and precision GPIO in a highly-integrated, energy-efficient hardware-based architecture, our EtherSynch deterministic switching platform provides extensive traffic scheduling, synchronization and communication processing to reduce host CPU overhead significantly. It offers these key benefits to industrial, automotive, communications, professional Audio/Visual (A/V) and other applications:

  • Superior IEEE® 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) time synchronization for industrial automation and control applications
  • Unique Precision GPIO capability to extend system synchronization to locally connected devices and reduce device-layer attachment complexity and costs
  • Fully integrated Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standards including IEEE 802.1AS Synchronization, IEEE 802.1Qat Stream Reservation and IEEE 802.1Qav Traffic Shaping for A/V traffic streaming over Ethernet
  • Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) support for time-critical, high-availability requirements, including time-aware traffic scheduling as proposed by IEEE 802.1Qbv and low-latency “smart” cut-through forwarding

The LinkMD + advanced diagnostics engine provides network fault management above and beyond current standards-based or vendor-specific solutions. This technology complements common Ethernet fault detection mechanisms, such as error detection, error count and link down to significantly enhance network diagnostics. It uses Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) to analyze the cabling harness and locate and identify common cabling problems such as open circuits, short circuits and impedance mismatches. While performing these diagnostics is common to reduce downtime, they cannot prevent network faults. LinkMD + technology significantly enhances network diagnostics by offering link quality monitoring to identify potential issues before faults occur. This can significantly minimize or even eliminate link fault down time.

LinkMD + provides a Signal Quality Indicator (SQI) in the form of a simple 4-bit register value to denote the receiver signal margin or probability of error. SQI can be used as follows to benefit both installation and real-time network monitoring:

  • Determine infrastructure cable link quality during installation
  • Perform live dynamic network link-quality monitoring to identify and mitigate deteriorating link quality  

Quiet-Wire® Enhanced EMI Technology

Our patented Quiet-Wire technology delivers fully programmable and integrated noise filtering to reduce Ethernet line emissions and enhance immunity, enabling embedded systems to meet rigorous EMC standards while operating over low-cost unshielded cabling. This fully integrated solution eliminates the need for additional external components and is ideal for use in any 100BASE-TX industrial or automotive Ethernet networks or avionics, medical or building automation applications that can benefit from superior EMC performance. Our Ethernet devices with Quiet-Wire technology also exhibit significantly enhanced receiver immunity to deliver error-free performance in the noisiest environments. Quiet-Wire technology can be used to increase 100BASE-TX cable distances to 170 meters or more for extended-reach applications. It is fully compatible with IEEE 802.af/at Power over Ethernet and IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet specifications.