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Learning Center

Learn how a single channel temperature sensor family with integrated NVM registers can help.

Bryce Morgan // Oct 27, 2020

Learn how to write bare metal C code quickly and understand the drivers generated by MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC).  

Glen Nilsen // Oct 14, 2020
Learn to identify different types of jitter and how to filter/remove them to reduce the overall Bit Error Rate (BER) in your system.
David Chandler // Sep 8, 2020

32-bit microcontrollers offer functional safety solutions for home, industrial and automotive applications. 

David Arnold // Jul 9, 2020

FPGAs have surfaced as the platforms of choice for many new-age applications owing to their lower latency, configurability and power efficiency.

Apurva Peri // Jun 29, 2020

This great discovery tool provides an encompassing overview of all of our analog and interface products. Once the presentation is open, a product line can be viewed by clicking on the box of interest and can then be drilled down to learn individual product details.

Romina Toska // Jun 9, 2020
Through cloud computing, microcontrollers can perform very resource-intensive computations by outsourcing the work.
Johan Lofstad // Mar 9, 2020