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Developer Insights

Critical Infrastructure providers can’t afford downtime and must rely on resilient solutions. This is also true of precise timing. New redundancy designs allow for the utmost flexibility – there is all to gain and nothing to compromise.

Eric Colard // Mar 31, 2021

Simplify and reduce the BOM of designs with two digital voltage-domains using the MVIO on AVR® DB. 

Robert Perkel // Mar 19, 2021

Aligning the appropriate Microchip MCU and MPU families with our easy-to-use development tools enables developers to create optimal designs for predictive maintenance applications without the risks, higher system costs and slower time-to-market that may might encounter with less-integrated approaches.

Ivan Gatchev // Mar 11, 2021

PoE is a point-to-point technology and when PoE Power Forwarding is used, it allows an additional device to be cascaded in series to extend a single Ethernet run. 

Marty Pandola // Jan 26, 2021

Rapidly evolving C5ISR requirements are becoming more stringent to address evolving adversary capabilities, driving tougher sync and timing specifications.

Stewart Hampton // Jan 18, 2021

An essential element of implementing security is taking a holistic approach that ensures not just that the overall system is protected, but that each individual device is protected as well. 

Tim Morin // Jan 14, 2021

Read this article to learn about the benefits of using the dsPIC33 DSC refrigerator compressor reference design.

Sanal Varghese // Oct 29, 2020

COTS-to rad-tolerant devices products provide unique, scalable solutions to address the New Space Challenges.

Nicolas Ganry // Sep 24, 2020
Learn about development kits for accelerated FPGA application prototyping.
Apurva Peri // Sep 2, 2020

While there are many different sources of noise within an operational amplifier, perhaps the most mysterious and frustrating noise source is what is known as flicker noise. How does one deal with this dominating, low frequency noise? If 1/f noise is a big concern, then selecting a zero-drift amplifier is the best solution.

Kevin Tretter // Sep 1, 2020

Learn how the chip scale atomic clock (CSAC) performs in a rapidly changing thermal environment.

Will Krzewick // Aug 25, 2020
Attached Devices: Form factors, connectors and backplanes. Compute Express Link™ (CXL™) addresses the growing memory bandwidth and capacity needs for processors to accelerate high-speed computing applications. Learn how leveraging existing PCIe 5.0 protocols will help the industry quickly transition to take advantage and adopt these new capabilities enabled by CXL.
Sandeep Dattaprasad // Aug 6, 2020

Our Data Center Solutions team has invested in a comprehensive and intuitive toolset that can help speed up your time to market.

Stephen Churchill // Aug 6, 2020
The importance of Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) is growing – due to the need for systems to acquire distributed data and provide localized monitoring and diagnostics. That leaves designers to evaluate whether they should choose a microcontroller with an integrated ADC to meet these requirements or if they should use a standalone ADC. Read about how to evaluate the use cases of integrated ADCs vs. standalone ADCs.
Iman Chalabi // Jul 7, 2020
We offer several unique hardware and software solutions that aid real-time control designers in mitigating challenges and enable the development of competitive industrial electronic products.
Microchip // May 14, 2020
Microchip is an innovator and thought leader in PoE technology, as well as a major contributor to the IEEE 802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt standards. 
Galit Mendelson // Apr 28, 2020

Our MPLAB® development ecosystem now supports AVR® and SAM devices including SAM MPUs

David Otten and Glen Nilsen // Feb 29, 2020

Designing a feature-rich tankless water heater based on a dsPIC® digital signal controller.

Theta Engineering // Feb 28, 2020
Let’s Explore the Plight of the Software Developer.
David Otten // Feb 22, 2020
FlexE provides a layer of flexibility to close the gap between what networks require and the Ethernet rates that are standardized, while also enabling lower cost solutions.
Kevin So // Feb 13, 2020
The building blocks of our digital era are smart, connected, secure and never tiring end devices. Applications ranging from consumer electronics to home appliances, industrial to automotive need a smart, connected and secure central computing unit. The attributes like high performance, flexibility, robustness, reliability, integrity and predictable response time are the key requisites for these applications.
Ankit Tripathi // Dec 11, 2019

The need to closely monitor currents in today’s electronics has increased over the years, as energy efficiency and safety have become major concerns. This article will focus specifically on the use of a shunt resistor to monitor current.

Kevin Tretter // Dec 6, 2019