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Express Logic, Inc.

Express Logic is a leading provider of royalty-free RTOS, Middleware and development tools for small-memory-footprint, high-volume devices. Over 2 billion such devices have been deployed using ThreadX. Express Logic’s products include:

  • ThreadX® – our small, fast, real-time operating system (RTOS)
  • NetX™ – our full TCP/IP networking stack
  • FileX® – our full MS-DOS compatible file system
  • USBX™ – our full implementation of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) for Host and Device
  • GUIX™ - our embedded GUI development kit
  • TraceX® - Our graphical event analysis for real-time systems
Express Logic’s royalty-free, full source code, professional support combination makes us an attractive business partner for companies producing high-volume SoCs and electronic devices in today’s competitive market for consumer electronics, industrial automation, and medical equipment.

For Technical Support, please contact support@expresslogic.com.

San Diego, California, United States of America
Phone: (858) 613-6640