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Real Time Engineers Ltd. (FreeRTOS)

FreeRTOS is a market leading RTOS that receives more than 100K downloads a year.  It is professionally developed, strictly quality controlled, robust, supported, and free to use in commercial products without any requirement to expose your proprietary source code.  It supports PIC32MX, PIC32MZ, PIC24 and dsPIC device families, and is used in every imaginable market sector from toys to aircraft navigation.

FreeRTOS offers lower project risks and a lower total cost of ownership than commercial alternatives because:

  • It is fully supported and documented
  • Most people take products to market without ever contacting us, but with the complete peace of mind that they could opt to switch to a fully indemnified commercial license (with dedicated support) at any time.
FreeRTOS also provides a range of add-on components including very low cost TCP/IP libraries for the PIC32MX and PIC32MZ.  Free commercial licenses are available for other add-on components when they are used on Microchip parts.

For Technical support, please contact http://www.FreeRTOS.org/contact

Bristol, United Kingdom