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RoweBots Limited

RoweBots has 24 years of experience in embedded operating systems and POSIX compliant systems. RoweBots offers the Unison RTOS, a fully POSIX compliant, Linux compatible, tiny real-time and modular OS along with complete design services for PIC24, dsPIC and PIC32 MCUs. The ulta modular construction of the POSIX RTOS or ultra tiny embedded Linux compatible offerings make the entire system very small while also making it easier to understand. The modularity means any new service can be easily added and integrated without affecting other services. It minimizes testing and really makes the environment simple to expand or contract. The ultra tiny embedded Linux or POSIX RTOS approach taken to maximize modularity creates unprecedented simplicity at least and order of magnitude simpler than embedded Linux.

RoweBots offers full product consulting services.  From requirements specification through software and hardware development to final hardware delivery designed for manufacture, RoweBots fully supports its customers. 

Waterloo, Canada
Phone: 519-208-0189
Fax: 519 208 4953