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Zeidman Technologies, Inc.

Zeidman Technologies is the developer of SynthOS®, an innovative tool for the automatic creation of a custom, optimized application-specific operating system (ASOS) for embedded systems. SynthOS can bring multitasking capabilities to low-power processors or optimize performance in large-scale embedded systems, without requiring OS experience or expertise. SynthOS shortens development time while lowering hardware costs, increasing reliability, lowering power consumption, and creating a secure system. The ASOS generated by SynthOS supports zero latency interrupt handling while in the same time minimizes the use on interrupt disable in the system. SynthOS can generate ASOS can support virtually unlimited number of threads and mutexes, limited only by memory size.

SynthOS unique architecture and development approach can support any of the Microchip controllers families from 8-bit to 32-bit devices, with as little as 2K Flash and 256 Bytes of RAM. SynthOS will enable the user to use the same source code across multiple devices to optimize the system, and utilizing Microchip platform-specific code optimization.

Custom design services are also available, using our innovative approach of Task Oriented Programming. We can support the development of sophisticated embedded control systems, while optimizing resource utilization to improve system size, power consumption and cost. 

Cupertino, California, United States of America
Phone: (408) 741-5809
Fax: (408) 693-3727