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MICRORISC s.r.o. (Ltd.)

MICRORISC Ltd. is a Czech company focused on research, development, and delivery of technologies and components to electronics manufacturers worldwide. Since 2004, we specialize in intelligent wireless technology (IQRF), especially in the realm of wireless mesh networks. IQRF® is a technological solution that gives manufacturers the ability to add wireless connectivity, mesh network compatibility, and Internet awareness to their devices. IQRF wireless technology is ideal for creating wireless mesh networks. Thanks to its easy implementation, it takes weeks, as opposed to months, to create products that communicate wirelessly. IQRF solves one of the biggest technical challenges and meets customers’ needs by providing solutions for wirelessly connecting products to the IoT data cloud.

For Technical Support, please visit http://www.microrisc.com/support or contact support@microrisc.com.

Jicin, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 493 538 125
Fax: +420 493 538 126