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Nurve Networks

Nurve networks LLC was founded in 2001 to develop embedded systems for industrial, educational, gaming, and medical applications. We have developed products ranging from wireless communications, toys, and gaming systems to medical imaging devices and development boards for large and small companies alike.

Our core interest is developing exciting products for clients and helping them not only with the engineering and development, but with the complexities of manufacturing locally in the USA or abroad. Many of our customers use our off shore manufacturing in China and Hong Kong to reduce costs considerable and turn a non-viable business model into a profitable one! We specialize in designing embedded systems from simple controllers to complete computer systems. We can take your specification or idea and develop a complete product including electrical design, PCB, firmware, software, prototype, test suite, documentation and manufacturing plan.

For Technical Support please contact support@nurve.net.

Austin, Texas, United States of America
Phone: 512-266-2399