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Percepio AB

Percepio accelerates embedded software development through world-leading RTOS tracing tools. The Tracealyzer tools provide new levels of insight into the runtime world. Percepio’s core competences, embedded software and information visualization, is a rare combination. This has resulted in the amazing and unique Tracealyzer technology. More than 20 cleverly connected views allow you to see your RTOS timing and runtime events in new enlightening ways. The intuitive visualization makes it easy for developers to understand, troubleshoot and optimize the software. Percepio AB is based in Västerås, Sweden and was founded by Dr. Johan Kraft in 2009. In February 2012 we launched our first product, FreeRTOS+Trace, and now 2015, we have a special version of FreeRTOS+Trace for MPLAB IDE and PIC32 users.

For technical support, please visit http://percepio.com/contact or email support@percepio.com.

Vasteras, Sweden
Phone: +46 76 003 0080