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MOST150 cPhy MOST ToGo Evaluation Kit

Part Number: B10439


The MOST ToGo system is meant to be an exemplary project with a focus on teaching how to create a networked infotainment system based on MOST technology. As such, the system architecture is kept simple, and the function of each device is kept as simple as possible to aid in learning. The basic MOST ToGo system contains 3 nodes: A simple audio source device (AuxIn), a simple audio sink device (Amp) and a controller device that has a simple user interface (HMI). The HMI is the network master, while the source and sink devices are network slave devices. View More

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Documents and Software

Product Features

    All necessary components to implement a MOST150 Network including the evaluation boards, setup instructions, a user interface and cables.
    Package Contents:

    • 3 Microchip OS81110 cPhy evaluation boards
    • RightTouch™ HMI with LCD display
    • Microchip USB82514-based 4 Port USB hub
    • Power supply
    • Headphones
    • Cables


Hardware, Software
MOST150 Example Network using the MOST150 cPhy Evaluation Boards