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USB AAA Battery Charger Demo

The PIC18F14K50 battery charger provides BOTH the function controller to manage the USB power and the charger functionality. The charger design incorporates the MCP6V01 and is a true USB charger that provides up to 900mA for faster charging and provides bus enumeration. This is an advantage over most "simple" USB chargers that just provide power and not the high charge current. Other chargers offer some nice charger functions but no Function Controllers to manage the USB power.

Additionally, it is very easy to modify the function of the charger library (see AN1384) to support other chemistry, different user interfaces, different thermal sensing, different charge rates, different power sources, reduce system cost where an MCU is required for other functions. The Charger Library is approximately 2K of program memory and about 60 bytes of RAM. It needs to be executed about every 200msecs or so. This can easily be adapted to any other application for only a small cost adder. Certainly cheaper than adding another IC to perform the charging tasks.