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Real Time Data Monitoring Tool - RTDM


Applications such as motor control and power conversion require high-speed data monitoring from MPLAB DMCI. Achieving such tasks with the existing debugging tools and the on-chip debugging module, requires the use of an additional communication link between a host PC and a target device. RTDM, along with MPLAB DMCI (MPLAB 8.10 or higher), creates an alternative link between a host PC and a target device for debugging applications in real-time.

Using these tools for getting data in and out of the target device allows developers to run their applications, while providing the ability to tune the variables and immediately see the effect without halting the application.

Key Features

  • Runs under Debug mode or user’s application
  • Fully compatible with MPLAB DMCI
  • Provides dynamic access to control and monitor software variables without halting program execution
  • No recompiling is required between debug sessions
  • Ability to control or view any global variable defined by the target application code
  • Provides an alternative link to read/write data from/to the target device
  • Uses the RS-232 standard protocol as the primary communication link between the host PC and target device
  • Maximum baud rate: 460800 bps
  • Configurable to use the UART1 or UART2 modules on the target device
DMCI Graphical Data Display
DMCI Data Input Sliders and Variable Assignment


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