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FAST TRACK Design Check Services

Would you like to potentially save your company weeks of precious development time? For just $100 you can take advantage of the FAST TRACK version of our Design Check Online Design Review for your application that uses some of our devices. With this accelerated design review, a Microchip engineer will expedite expert advice that will help you meet your critical deadline and bring your product to market more quickly.

What Is the FAST TRACK Design Check Online Review Service?

Our regular Design Check is an exclusive and personalized value-added service available for customers using our car access, EqcoLogic, Ethernet, MOST®, INICnet™ technology, USB, capacitive sensing, microprocessor (MPU), wireless, and power management devices for their applications. Design Check supports your design flow by providing guidance through the complete cycle, from initial schematic capture to PCB layout. You can submit your design schematic, PCB layout and PCB routing information to a confidential and secure environment, where they are analyzed by Microchip engineers who will then provide you with personalized feedback.

While our regular Design Check service is free, it can take up to 12–15 days for you to receive the first feedback on your design. Microchip is now offering an expedited Design Check service for our customers. Costing just $100 per case, our FAST TRACK Design Check* ensures that your case will be assigned more quickly to a dedicated Design Check engineer, who will typically provide you with feedback within 3–5 working days. You can FAST TRACK your Design Check case while creating your request or after you have created it. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to expedite delivery of our response to your case.

FAST TRACK Design Check Flow

How Does the FAST TRACK Design Check Online Review Service Work?

  1. Use the link below to navigate to our FAST TRACK Design Check instructions page and complete the form
  2. If you already have a myMicrochip account, please login; if you do not have an account, please register for one
  3. An email containing a link to submit your $100 payment will be sent to the email address you provide
  4. After payment is complete and the design review request has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation email to notify you that your Design Check case has been moved to the FAST TRACK queue. If we are not able to accept the request, the payment will be refunded. No refund will be made after the case has been moved to the FAST TRACK queue.
  5. Our expert applications engineers will review your component selection, schematic and PCB design
  6. We will provide a report with guidance based on this review
  7. Use our feedback to help finalize your design and move on to the next project on your list

*FAST TRACK Design Review is currently only available for our LANCheck® review service and only for customers located in the Americas; other FAST TRACK Design Review services and coverage for other locations will be coming soon. FAST TRACK Design Review is subject to the microchipDIRECT Terms and Condition of Sale and the Microchip Design Check Services Program Terms and Conditions.