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Embedded Wi-Fi®

Ultra Low Power

  • Longer battery life (4µA sleep)
  • System agility through fast boot & wake up time
  • Hardware accelerators and Integrated Network IP stack

System Solution & Scalability

  • Largest MCU portfolio
  • Standalone MCU + Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi + BLE
  • Enhanced security solutions

Robustness & Quality

  • In-house QA & Interoperability testing
  • Consumer market proven designs
  • 3rd Party testing

Complete Ecosystem

  • MCU / MPU based turn-key solutions
  • Reference designs
  • Cloud solutions

Our products comply to all major regulatory standards in the world, including recent evolutions such as the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).

Depending on your application requirements, Microchip offers three ways to add Wi-Fi connectivity to your design.

Wi-Fi Link Controller

  • Wi-Fi core
  • Partner with High level operation systems – MPU (Linux/Android)

Wi-Fi Network Controller

  • Wi-Fi core with integrated TCP/IP stack
  • Optimal for small applications

Wi-Fi Standalone

  • MCU + Wi-Fi controller running all stacks
  • Optimal for small applications

Get Started with Wi-Fi for MCU-based applications

  • Step-by-step instructions to get started quickly with our fully-certified solutions
  • Download code examples and documentation to ease development