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Timberwolf Voice Processors 

Cut through the noise with our industry-leading local and cloud-based voice-enabled system. Our Timberwolf family features a dedicated DSP processor that is architected to improve the quality of speech recognition and full-duplex communications in connected home and voice-controlled devices. Its patented, license-free, royalty-free intelligent voice IP algorithms provide acoustic compensation for a variety of applications, such as security cameras, voice-controlled appliances and sound-monitoring IoT sensors.

Timberwolf Voice Processors

Key Features

Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation

  • Cancel out dereverberation and ambient noise
  • Increase voice clarity with beamforming
  • Sound locator for Direction of Arrival (DOA)

Speech Recognition

  • Pass 2- and 3-microphone Far Field Amazon AVS certification
  • Support for two and three microphones in linear or triangular arrays
  • Avoid false triggers with superior barge-in performance

Sound Classification

  • Glass break detection
  • Smoke alarm (T3) detection
  • Carbon monoxide (T4) detection

Markets and Applications

The versatile Timberwolf design fits perfectly into a wide range of applications.

Security Camera and Alarm Sensors

  • Full-duplex, hands-free communication
  • Audio event detection: glass break, carbon monoxide and smoke detector alarms
  • Noise reduction, Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), beamforming
  • Sound locator

Set-Top Boxes and Smart Speakers

  • On-chip Wake Word Engine (WWE)
  • Far field, stereo barge-in, event detection
  • High-quality audio output and HDMI support
  • Flexible microphone configuration

Stereo Headsets and Earbuds

  • Ideal for USB boom and boomless headsets
  • Two-microphone USB beamforming
  • Dynamic Range Compressor (DRC), limiter, expander
  • Built-in headphone amplifier 

Support and Services

Use our guidelines for mechanical ID and placement to ensure that your design is on track. Our engineers can review your schematics and layout, assist you with prototype debugging and tuning, and provide you with tips on best practices for audio performance measurements. 

Do you need a professional audio laboratory to test or characterize your system? Microchip offers test services and rental of professional audio lab equipment. Use our state-of-the-art, fully anechoic acoustic chamber, head acoustics equipment, and ASR testing lab. Accelerate your product development using our self-test report generation, standards-based test suites, and prioritized tuning support. Our lab services support you in these areas. 

  • Amazon AVS acoustic pre-certification
  • Full-duplex, two-way audio certification
  • System-level acoustic testing

Contact your local Microchip sales representative or send an email to AudioVoiceSupport@Microchip.com for more information.


Microchip has partnered with other technology leaders to bring you the most complete and optimized solution for your design. Take advantage of audio modules, reference designs, and firmware based on our Timberwolf processor.
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