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Camera Vision System

Vision systems are expanding in vehicles to meet the demand in providing a safer driving experience. Whether it's rear camera visions, parking assistance, side object detection or lane departure warning, the information from the vision sources is processed and presented to the driver on displays via audible advisory tones or a combination of visual or audible advisory tones.

In a rear camera vision system, the cameras serve as sensors monitoring the driving conditions and the inputs are processed and provided to the driver for viewing.

Design Considerations
  • Robust, general purpose microcontroller family with a small footprint
  • Flexible communication interfaces
  • Non-volatile memory for image data storage
  • Low-power analog for system power management


  • PIC® microcontrollers and dsPIC® digital signal controllers offer multiple communication interface options, e.g., the SPI, I2C and USART, to facilitate designs with various types of cameras. With common peripherals and standard pin-outs in small footprints across various product families, the system designer has the flexibility to select the appropriate devices to match the system requirements. For example, the system designer might select a PIC12 or PIC16 device to perform functions such as turning the camera on and off. Whereas, in high-end application with requirements for overlaying of images and video processing, a PIC24 or dsPIC33 device is more suitable. The devices are available in small packages without compromising functionality.
  • With various on-chip peripherals to support various communication protocols, the system designer is able to choose a microcontroller to interface with in-vehicle networks such as CAN and LIN. The 16-bit microcontroller and digital signal controllers are capable of AUTOSAR support. LIN and CAN transceiver options are available to the system designer for the physical layer interface requirements.
  • The system designer has the flexibility to use on-chip memory of the microcontrollers or digital signal controllers to store critical data which may include image and text overlays. Plus standalone serial data EEPROM, like the SPI bus 25LCxxx family, are available to provide cost effective data storage options for the rear camera vision system.
  • The low-power, low-dropout MCP170X family regulators are available to the system designer being challenged to reduce the battery leakage current in the ignition of condition and for low-operating current to support longer battery life.
Development Tools

Development Tools

Development Tool Part Number
LIN Serial Analyzer APGDT001
CAN BUS Analyzer Tool APGDT002
PICDEM LCD 2 Demonstration Board DM163030