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USB Switches

The latest mobile devices, with their reduced size and minimal number of connectors, enable a single port of connectivity for transferring USB data and USB charging. Microchip's Hi-Speed USB switches and port protection products are designed for portable devices and offer a compelling USB solution for mobile battery powered applications.

Designed to deliver speed and power advantages for mobile devices that continue to evolve in complexity, placing greater demands on data transmission, Microchip's switches provide an ultra-small footprint, data multiplexing on a common connector and proven ESD protection, all at speeds of up to double the industry required USB 2.0 bandwidth. Leveraging Microchip's RapidCharge Anywhere™functionality, the USB3750 can also be used to seamlessly provide USB Battery Charging detection as well as detect industry standard SE1 type chargers. 

USB 2.0 Switch with Battery Charging

  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Switch with Port Protection
  • Single Port of Connectivity for transferring USB data
  • Very Small Footprint with minimal number of connectors
  • Primary and Secondary USB charge Detection – USB IF BC 1.2 and Legacy Devices
  • Designed for portable devices offering a compelling USB solution for mobile battery powered applications