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2D Touch Libraries

2D Touch on MCUs is a solution for smaller touch pads and touch screens. Key element is the integration of the user interface into the main controller of your device.  Supported are 8-bit PIC controller and 32-bit SAM controller - Low power and cost efficient platforms.

With maXTouch®, Microchip offers the leading stand alone multi touch solution for touch pad and touch screens in automotive and industrial applications.

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2D Touch Libraries
The massive adoption of smartphones and tablets with capacitive touchscreens has raised the expectations for user interfaces in every product. Wearable/IoT devices, remote controls, audio devices and many more - we expect a "phone like" user interface. These expectations are paired with requirements like low power consumption, higher cost optimization, feature integration to enable new form factors.


Use Cases

Microchip's mTouch + QTouch surface libraries and turnkey solutions support all these requirements by allowing a designer to integrate the user interface into an MCU at no additional costs.
Capacitive touch sensing on a surface (2D sensing, XY coordinate output and/or surface gesture detection) enables very attractive user interfaces in many and more use cases.

Use Cases:
  • Headphones
  • Smart watches
  • Remote controls
  • Home automation (connected light switches, thermostats, IoT products)
  • Single finger tracking (dual finger is an option for QTouch surface)
  • Surface gesture detection
    • Simplify your UI with gestures, like a swipe to delete content or a rotation to adjust volume
  • Water tolerant 2D touch sensing (mTouch surface)
  • Low Power Touch
  • Seamless integration with your main MCU application.


2D Touch Technology
How Does it Work?

Typical Projected Capacitive Sensor Construction:

  • Projected capacitive touch sensors operate by measuring the tiny change in capacitance on an electrode due to the influence of a human finger or other object
  • Separate measurements on all electrodes allow to determine the position of a touch finger
  • Further on chip processing enables the detection of surface gestures like swipes



The 2D Touch Surfaces libraries from MCHP enable smaller touch surfaces such as track pads or touchscreens with ultra-low power consumption on selected 8bit and  32bit SAM devices.

These mTouch & QTouch surface libraries enable you  to realize your 2D touch needs on an 8bit MCU or functional integration on the powerful 32bit SAM platform.

QTouch Surface
Developed for the 32bit SAM microcontroller (e.g. SAM D 20) the easy to use QTouch surface library enables smooth feature integration of 2D touch into your main MCU – most cost efficient.

Touch Sensor Support
  • Up to 100 nodes (e.g. 10 x 10 channel)
  • Works with Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Sensors, Film, Glass and Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC)
  • Sensor size pending touch separation – 5.5” with 14 mm touch separation.
Cover Layer Support
  • Plastic: up to 3 mm
  • Glass: up to 5 mm
Touch Performance
  • Up to 100Hz Reports per Second (configurable)


Touch Features
  • (up to) Dual finger touch
  • Mutual-Capacitance Signal Acquisition
Power Management
  • Standby mode 4 uA (typical)
  • Active mode <xxx uA (typical)
  • QTouch Surface Library and QTouch Composer support for QTouch Surface will be available free of charge in the Studio Gallery
  • The Xplained Pro boards, our hardware development platform, supports QTouch Surface as well


mTouch Surface
Developed for the 8bit PIC microcontroller the easy to use mTouch surface library enables stunning 2D touch performance with lowest power and lowest costs.
mTouch surface will become a part of MCC (MPLAB Code Configurator). Please contact your Microchip sales representative for immediate access.

Supported PIC controller:
  • PIC16LF1566
  • PIC16LF1567
Gesture Detection:
Modern user interfaces allow to conveniently use surface gestures to interact. Emails are elegantly “swiped off” the inbox instead of marked and dragged to the trash. The mTouch surface library offers on board gesture detection - simplifying the usage as well as the integration of touch pads.
As 2D Touch is offered as a library these gestures can be mapped to GPIO pins. A swipe up can mimic the signal from a button – fastest switch from a mechanical to touch interface.
Especially embedded products benefit from the on chip gesture detection as no OS overhead is needed to simplify the user interface.


Water Tolerant Touch
The touch CIPs in the supported PIC MCUs are capable of driving multiple lines as guards – an important feature in terms of water tolerant 2D touch. The mTouch surface library takes advantage of that resulting in water tolerant touch pads. Users won’t need to “prepare for touch” by wiping fingers dry and clean – touch remains useable with wet fingers as well.

Key Features:
Touch Sensor Support:
  • Up to 21 channels (110 nodes) – PIC16LF1566
  • Up to 31 channels (240 nodes)- PIC16LF1667
  • Works with Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Sensors, Film, Glass and Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC)
  • Sensor size pending touch separation
Cover Layer Support:
  • Plastic: up to 3 mm
  • Glass: up to 5 mm
Touch Performance:
  • Up to 200Hz Reports per Second (configurable)


Touch Features:
  • single finger touch tracking
  • self-Capacitance Signal Acquisition + water guarding
  • surface gesture detection
  • water tolerant touch
Power Management:
  • Standby mode 0.5 uA (typical)
  • Active mode <12 uA (typical)


Turnkey Products
The MTCH6102 is a low power 2D touch IC for small touch pads. Besides single finger tracking it supports out of the box surface gesture detection as well. The MTCH6102 runs the mTouch surface library.

Key Features:
Touch Sensor Support:
  • Up to 15 Channels
  • Works with Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Sensors, Film, Glass and Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC)
Cover Layer Support:
  • Plastic: up to 3 mm
  • Glass: up to 5 mm
Touch Performance:
  • >200 Reports per Second (configurable)


Touch Features:
  • Gesture Detection and Reporting
  • Self-Capacitance Signal Acquisition
Power Management:
  • Configurable Sleep/Idle Frame Rates
  • Standby mode <500 nA (typical)
  • Active mode <12 uA (typical)
  • I2C™ (up to 400 kbps)
  • As an alternative with enhanced noise resistance, water tolerance and support for 2-finger gestures please use the mTouch surface library

Touch and Input Sensing Video Channel