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Microchip's digital audio platforms for iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad® provide ideal choices for developing a variety of digital music accessory applications. These applications include digital audio playback and music mixing, and can be embedded into bookshelf systems, portable music docks, sound bars, or DJ mixers.

Digital Audio Playback for iPod®, iPhone®,, and iPad®,

Digital Playback for iPod iPhone and iPad

Digital Audio Input/Output

Digital Audio Input/Output

PIC32 for Audio

Microchip's PIC32 family offers a highly integrated and cost effective microcontroller solution to the digital audio platforms with the following features:

  • 40-80 MIPS with 28-100 pin package and 32 Kb to 512 KB Flash
  • Low power consumption
  • I2S audio interface
  • MP3 decode
  • Equalization support
  • mTouch®, LCD display