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Feature Rich Smart Accessories

Made-for-iPod® and Android™ Programs
  • Support for USB, UART, Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Low power for battery or mobile device powered accessories
  • Enhanced memory and peripheral resources
  • Bootloading capability from smartphone to update accessory firmware from application

Digital Audio

Made-for-iPod® Program
  • 16-, 24- and 32-bit stereo audio
  • I2S™ Audio Interface (also support LJ, RJ, PCM modes)
  • Flexible reference clock output for CODEC time base
  • Sample Rate Conversion (SRC)
  • MP3 decode
  • Equalization support

Low Cost, Fixed Function Accessories

Made-for-iPod® Program
  • Very small firmware footprint
  • USB pass-through enabling (as supported)
  • Fast battery charging
  • Remote functions enabled
  • Audio / Video input and output