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Counterfeit Protection Benefits


Not only do discounted and counterfeit copies corrupt a corporation’s brand image, but they can also negatively impact its revenue streams. Counterfeit protection is critical in preventing such losses. Preserving brand image is not just about attracting new customers; it’s imperative for customer satisfaction and retention, as well. Key to this is the code’s authenticity. The IP protection attached to a brand must be part of product development from inception through all phases of a product’s life cycle. When proper technical protection of the IP is established, revenue protection and optimal user experience is more easily maintained and controlled once the product hits the market. Microchip’s CryptoAuthentication devices offer the protection necessary to empower companies to keep control of their future within their hardware designs.

How CryptoAuthentication devices helps preventing counterfeits?

Physically isolate keys and secret from the application


Trusted Storage

In order to establish a robust counterfeit protection strategy, trust in the design, the device provider, the manufacturer must be optimum to decrease potential back-door and threats. The main philosophy is to completely isolate keys and secrets from any software exposure at any point of time of the product development as well as when the product is in the user’s hands.nds.
physical protection

Physical Protection

Microchip CryptoAuthentication devices integrates various vital features to strengthen your security at the root of the hardware design. The secure element portfolio is architected with various anti-tampering techniques and locking mechanisms such as active shield and side attack counter measures.


The capability of generating randomness is arguably the most critical block within a security device after secure storage. The CryptoAuthentication devices embeds a unique serial number per device, and most importantly provide high entropy FIPS certified random number generators (RNG)

Trusted Provisioning

Trust cannot rely only on the device but also on the manufacturing process. Exploiting human users and 3rd party weaknesses is one of the preferred target of hackers. Customers can now leave this burden to Microchip secured factories and leverage our trusted provisioning service already used by thousands of companies.
ECC Lock ECC based
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • High quality Random Number generator
  • ECC hardware accelerator
  • ECDSA-ECDHE key agreement
  • NIST ECC-P256 curve
  • Integrated SHA256 hash with HMAC option
SHA Lock SHA based
  • Cost effective symmetric authentication
  • SHA256 hardware hash algorithm with MAC
  • HMAC option
  • 4.5kb EEPROM for key and data
  • Guaranteed unique serial number
AES Lock AES based
  • AES-CCM authentication
  • AES128 hardware accelerator
  • 32kb EEPROM split in 16 slots
  • 16 secured slots of 128 bit for key storage
  • 16 high endurance monotonic EEPROM counters
  • Serial EEPROM compatible pinout
For any support on the CryptoAuthentication devices, submit your request at http://www.microchip.com/support/hottopics.aspx