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How do you plan to use the Real-Time Clock/Calendar in your application or design? Here are some examples of how RTCC Technology can take your applications to bigger and better places.

  • Smart Energy
    Smart Energy applications can use a real-time clock with a MAC address for wired and wireless communications with other devices.
  • Utility Metering
    Digital trimming in the real-time clock can be used to perform software temperature compensation for more accurate time.
  • Ethernet
    The EUI-48™ or EUI-64™ MAC Address in the RTCC can provide any Ethernet enabled application with its own unique identification.
  • LCD
    The time of day and date from a real-time clock is regularly displayed on the LCD in many systems.
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NOTE: Battery switchover with power-fail timestamp and digital trimming in all RTCCs unless noted.

RTCC Development Tools

The Real-Time Clock PICtail™ Daughter Board provides a low-cost method of evaluating real-time clock functionality in standard development platforms. For additional functionality, a coin cell holder and battery are included for backup power.

Real-Time Clock/Calendar Video Channel