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A Feature-Rich, Low-Cost Timekeeping Solution

Microchip supports a wide range of Real-Time Clocks from basic low-cost devices to a variety of mid-range devices that are highly integrated with a usable amount of non-volatile memory and a combination of features that are very effective when operating within a single battery backed clock device. With, both I2C and SPI RTCCs available, various applications can be supported at a price that is lower than competitive devices with fewer features and lower performance. 

Innovative Peripherals

  • Battery switchover with a power fail time stamp
  • Wide digital trimming range
  • Watchdog Timer with dual retriggers
  • Event Detect inputs with a programmable debounce
  • Unique ID with a user unlock

Easy to Implement

  • I2C & SPI interfaces
  • Industry Standard Pinouts
    • I2C – 8 pins
    • SPI – 14 pins
  • Microchip standard development boards

3 Memory Options

  • SRAM
  • Unique ID / MAC Address