Microchip Technology Inc

Rad Hard

For 30 years, Microchip France Aerospace has been a leading provider of highly integrated solutions to serve a wide variety of aerospace applications. We use the latest innovative commercial technologies like 8-bit AVR® MCUs and SMART ARM®-based MCUs and adapt them to rad-hard applications requirements to provide proven solutions, volumes, and long term reliability. With over 3,500 flight models delivered, our offering provides the most complete and cost-effective solutions available on the market.

  • Rad Hard ASICs — The Microchip Aerospace ASIC offering is enriched with new libraries each time the latest generation technology is introduced. As an example, the ninth generation of Aerospace ASIC technologies, the ATC18RHA series, is a standard cells library characterized on the Microchip CMOS 0.18Μ technology. Combined with these libraries are multiple options for embedding dedicated blocks, and a large choice of complex hermetic packages. A MPW (Multi Project Wafer) service allows the users to lower the NRE.
  • Rad Hard Communication ICs — Microchip works with some of its key customers to make their ASIC designs available as standard products when they correspond to commonly used functions on the market. With this approach, Microchip offers space customers a set of SpaceWire dedicated products allowing them to build a complete SpaceWire network based on rad-hard devices.
  • Rad Hard FPGAs — Microchip offers new alternatives for space applications with the SRAM-based FPGA series. In addition to their re-programmability, Microchip FPGAs support innovative built-in Single Event Upset (SEU) protection.  This allows application design without using mitigation techniques that can triple the gate count, thus saving development resources and FPGA cost.
    Microchip rad-hard FPGAs are intended for low gate count designs requiring low-power applications.
  • Rad Hard Memories — Microchip has a long track record with memories (SRAM, DPRAM, FIFO and EEPROM) and its current space memory offering supports the space industry efforts for the rationalization of part variations with respect to size and format, package, power consumption and speed.
  • Rad Hard Processors — Over the last 16 years, Microchip has steadily built a space microprocessor strategy based on the SPARC® architecture. With worldwide sales of over 3000 flight models featuring the Microchip® TSC695 — and already over 300 flight models with the Microchip AT697 — the Microchip SPARC processor roadmap boasts an unrivalled flight heritage.
  • Rad Tolerant Devices — Microchip brings on the space level market high-reliability radiation tolerant microcontrollers with key added values for space application.

    Those radiation tolerant products are coming from a proven and largely deployed commercial design. Technology change insure latchup immunity of those devices with SEL LET > 60Mev. SEU and TID performances characterization are also provided for those products.