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Rad Hard FPGAs

Microchip offers new alternatives for space applications with the SRAM-based FPGA series. In addition to their reprogrammability, Microchip FPGAs support innovative built-in Single Event Upset (SEU) protection. This allows application design without using mitigation techniques that can triple the gate count, thus saving development resources and FPGA cost.

Microchip rad hard FPGAs are intended for low gate count designs requiring low-power applications.

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Other Documents
Title Date Published Type Size
AT17LV010 Atmel Procurement Specification Complete

12/2005 PDF 138 KB
AT40KEL040 Detail Specification ESA-SCC

AT69170F Datasheet

02/2016 PDF 514 KB
ATF280F Complete

11/2015 PDF 2.77 MB
AT17LV010-10DP Datasheet

09/2014 PDF 366 KB
AT40KEL040 Datasheet Complete

06/2006 PDF 760 KB

Application Notes

Title Date Published Type Size
Programming Specification for the Atmel AT17LV(A) Series FPGA Configuration EEPROMs
This Application Note provides details of the serial bus protocol and device features used for in-system programming (ISP). The included reference schematics are applicable to users of the CPS programming utility as well.
05/2003 PDF 285 KB

Brochures and Flyers

Title Date Published Type Size
Aerospace Rad-Hard Integrated Circuits

06/2015 PDF 785 KB
Reprogrammable Rad-hard FPGAs with Built-in SEU and SET Protections

06/2015 PDF 622 KB


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Aerospace Products Quality Flows
For Space, Avionic and Military Projects, production screenings and qualification are compliant either with ESCC 9000 or MIL-PRF-38535. Microchip is fully DSCC QML qualified for level Q (military) and V (space). Microchip is ESCC qualified for MH1RT asic's according to ESCC 2549000 (ESCC QML).

06/2014 PDF 154 KB

User Guides

Title Date Published Type Size
AT40KEL-DK Design Kit Content

05/2007 PDF 1.16 MB
AT40KEL-DK Design Kit User Guide
The Atmel AT40KEL-DK design kit allows designers to quickly evaluate and prototype their application using AT40KEL Rad Hard FPGA devices and AT17LV010 configuration EEPROM devices.
09/2006 PDF 1.90 MB

Development Kits




Development kit for AT40KEL040