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Rad Hard Communication ICs

Microchip works with some of its key customers to make their ASIC designs available as standard products when they correspond to commonly used functions on the market. With this approach, Microchip offers space customers a set of SpaceWire dedicated products allowing them to build a complete SpaceWire network based on rad-hard devices.

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Other Documents
Title Date Published Type Size
5962-08A01 (for AT7911E) Standard Microcircuit Drawing Complete

01/2008 PDF 393 KB
5962-08A02 Standard Microcircuit Drawing Complete

07/2008 PDF 301 KB
5962-09A03 (for AT7910E) Standard Microcircuit Drawing

10/2009 PDF 248 KB
AT7909E Complete

06/2007 PDF 186 KB
AT7910E Complete

02/2013 PDF 516 KB
AT7911E Complete

05/2008 PDF 304 KB
AT7912F Complete

10/2008 PDF 352 KB
PS-AT7909E Complete

05/2007 PDF 210 KB
The Single Chip Telemetry and Telecommand (SCTMTC) ASIC is an integrated device providing on-board telemetry and telecommand services via standardized interfaces.
02/2010 PDF 2 MB
SpW-10X SpaceWire Router User Manual Complete
This document is a technical reference for the implementation and operation of the SpW-10X SpaceWire Router device (Microchip part number AT7910E).
01/2015 PDF 4.24 MB
TSS901 Non-Conformity List Errata

03/2003 PDF 52 KB
5962-01A17 (for TSS901E) Standard Microcircuit Drawing

08/2001 PDF 122 KB
5962-01A18 (for 29C516E) Standard Microcircuit Drawing

07/2002 PDF 209 KB
5962-02A02 (for T7906E) Standard Microcircuit Drawing

04/2002 PDF 361 KB
5962-03A06 (for T7908E) Standard Microcircuit Drawing

03/2006 PDF 95 KB
AT7908E Complete

11/2009 PDF 746 KB
T7906E Complete

04/2007 PDF 549 KB
TSS901E Complete

06/2007 PDF 435 KB

Application Notes

Title Date Published Type Size
Single Point-to-Point IEEE 1355 High-Speed Controller: Unused (Non Connect) Pin to be Externally Connected To Ground Application Note

11/2002 PDF 31 KB
Triple Point-to-Point IEEE 1355 High-Speed Controller: Unused (Non Connect) Pins to be Externally Connected to Ground Application Note

11/2002 PDF 33 KB

Brochures and Flyers

Title Date Published
Type Size
Aerospace Rad-Hard Integrated Circuits

02/2015 PDF 785 KB
Space Rad-Hard Processors and Communications ICs

06/2015 PDF 312 KB


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Aerospace Products Quality Flows
For Space, Avionic and Military Projects, production screenings and qualification are compliant either with ESCC 9000 or MIL-PRF-38535. Microchip is fully DSCC QML qualified for level Q (military) and V (space). Microchip is ESCC qualified for MH1RT asic's according to ESCC 2549000 (ESCC QML).
06/2014 PDF 154 KB