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A complete, easy-to-use, Windows based design software for all Microchip SPLDs and CPLDs.  It supports CUPL design entry, functional simulation, and includes the latest Fitter technologies.

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Application Note
ATF15xx Power-On Reset Hysteresis Feature  Provides details of the ATF15xx CPLD Power-On Reset (POR) Hysteresis programmable feature.


Converting ABEL Design Files to CUPL  This Application note will assist users in converting ABEL (.abl) source files into CUPL (.pld) source files.


Tips on Using Test Vectors for Atmel PLDs  This Application Note describes the use of test vectors in the ABEL and CUPL HDLs (Hardware Desctiption Languages). In addition, some pitfalls and precautions on the usage of test vectors will be discussed.


Using the Programmable Polarity Control  

This Application Note shows the proper usage of the popular ABEL and CUPL syntax to congfigure the output polatiry of Microchip PLDs. Bottom of Form


 ATF15xx-DK3 CPLD Development Kit


 WinCUPL Overview  This document briefly describes Microchip's free WinCUPL design tool for SPLDs and CPLDs and gives system requirements.  
PLD Design Software Overview  An overview of the design software tools for Microchip SPLDs and CPLDs


User Manual
 ATF15xx Fitter Manual  Users Manual for the ATF15xx CPLD family that includes ATF1502AS/ASV/AE, ATF1504AS/ASV/AE, ATF1508AS/ASV/AE and the ATF1500A/ABV device fitter software. The ZIP file has a .PDF document that can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


 WinCUPL Users Manual  Users Manual for WinCUPL software.


Reference Design
 Atmel CPLD Reference Designs  This document describes three full applications using Logic Doubling techniques:
  1. 8255 Serial IO expander with IO enable on every pin
  2. Low Power Serial IO expander and 32 LED driver
  3. Four 8-bit PWM generators, bus interface and value latches
Each fits in a 32 macrocell ATF1502 device. It also describes how to add transparent pin latch, ala HC573/373 into a corner of your CPLD. Click here for the Reference Design files for all these designs, plus a fourth Low Power Serial IO expander and 32 LCD driver application that uses each macrocell three ways and a Logic Doubling Tutorial.

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Supported Devices:
All SPLDs and CPLDs  - ATF16V8B, ATF16V8BQL, ATF16V8C, ATF16V8CZ, ATF16LV8C, ATF22V10C, ATF22V10CQ, ATF22V10CQZ, ATF22LV10C, ATF22LV10CQZ, ATF22V10B, ATF750C, ATF750CL, ATF750LVC, ATF2500C, ATF1500A, ATF1500AL, ATF1502AS, ATF1502ASL, ATF1502ASV, ATF1504AS, ATF1504ASL, ATF1504ASV, ATF1504ASVL, ATF1508AS, ATF1508ASL, ATF1508ASV, ATF1508ASVL