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The Microchip EPLD product line comprises two major categories: simple programmable logic devices (SPLDs) and the higher density complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs).

Microchip SPLDs: Industry Standard

The Microchip SPLD products consist of industry standard 16V8 and 22V10s in a variety of voltage and power-saving options. Microchip offers low-voltage, zero-power and quarter power versions as well as our proprietary "L" automatic power down low-power devices including the Battery Friendly ATF22LV10CQZ. All popular packages are supported in addition to the Microchip-only, TSSOP package -- the smallest package offered for any SPLD device. All versions are EE-based for high-reliability and easy re-programming and are supported by all popular third party programmers.


Microchip CPLDs: Industry Standard Compatible

The ATF15xxAS/ASL/ASV/ASVL CPLD family offers pin-compatible supersets of the popular Altera 7000 and 3000 series devices ranging from 32 to 128 macrocells with propagation delays from 7.5 to 15 ns for 5V standard power versions and 15 ns for 3.3V versions. Microchip's proprietary low-power ("L") versions use Input Transition Detection (ITD) to power down the device automatically when nothing is switching. All devices also support JTAG in-system programming (ISP).

The Logic Doubling™ features of the ATF15xx family make these products ideal for new designs. The ATF15xx family offers the most powerful switch matrix and routing resources of any CPLD while also supporting multiple independent feedbacks, individual output enable, global clear and D/T/latch configurable flip-flops. More global clock pins, a programmable pin-keeper and the ability to realize two latches per macrocell are further examples of the enhanced features available from this CPLD product family.

Microchip CPLDs can be used for I/O expansion as well as for memory, control and Interfacing with different types of memories such as compact Flash or mobile SDRAM.

Converting an Altera EPM7000 series design is easy with Microchip's push button POF2JED software utility that will generate an industry standard JEDEC programming file from an Altera POF file. An Application note "ATF15xx Product Family Conversion" provides details of the conversion process. The POF2JED software is available at no charge.


Proprietary CPLDs

Microchip also offers the ATF750C/CL and ATF2500C CPLDs which have unique architecture that enables one to pack in more logic in a fully interconnected manner. The ATF750C has twice the logic of a standard 22V10 in a pin-out compatible 24- or 28-pin package. The ATF750C is ideal for those 22V10 designs that need a bit more logic than is offered in a 22V10 device, but need to maintain the 22V10 pin-out. The ATF2500C is a very high-density (2500 usable gates) 44-pin CPLD, ideally suitable for the most difficult 44-pin designs. The ATF2500C (electrically erasable) replaced the ATV2500B/BQ/BQL/BL in commercial, industrial and military temperature grade offerings.


Tabs / Programmable Logic/SPLD-CPLD
Device Family
Software Tools

WinCUPL - A complete, easy-to-use, Windows based design software for all Microchip SPLDs and CPLDs. It supports CUPL design entry, functional simulation, and includes the latest Fitter technologies.
CPLD - Industry Standard Compatible

ProChip Design - A full-featured EDA suite with state-of-the-art, Mentor Graphics synthesis and simulation tools integrated into a user-friendly design environment. The software supports VHDL and Verilog design flows for the ATF15xx family of complex programmable logic devices. This suite also includes a JTAG in-system programming utility and fitter technologies to enable logic doubling in ATF15xx CPLDs. Optional add-on tools support schematic and CUPL design flows.

ATMISP - In-System Programming (ISP) software for the ATF15xx family of CPLDs with JTAG support. It is to be used with the ATDH1150PC/VPC/USB or compatible programming cable to program the target CPLDs. It can also be used to generate SVF files needed by an ATE to program the ATF15xx on a circuit board.

POF2JED - The ATF15xx Conversion Utility helps in converting POF files to JEDEC files.

BSDL - Boundary scan description language (BSDL) files for the ATF15xx CPLDs with IEEE Std. 1149.1 JTAG support.

Hardware Tools
CPLD - Industry Standard Compatible

ATF15xx-DK3-U - The development/programmer kit supports the ATF15xxAS/ASL/ASV/ASVL family of 3.3V, and 5.0V industry-standard, pin-compatible CPLDs with Logic Doubling™. This kit includes a USB Based ISP cable (ATDH1150USB), a 44-TQFP adapter module, and ATF15xxAS/ASV samples in a 44-TQFP package. Adapter modules that support the 44-PLCC, 84-PLCC, and 100-TQFP packages are available separately and the 44-TQFP adapter module can also be purchased separately.

ATDH1150USB- The Microchip ATF15xx CPLD USB-based JTAG ISP Download Cable connects to a standard USB port on a PC and to a 10-pin or 14-pin JTAG header on the programming circuit board. It transfers the JTAG instructions and data generated by the ATMISP software running on a PC to the Microchip ATF15xx series CPLDs on the target circuit board. With this In-System Programming (ISP) download cable, design changes can easily be downloaded directly to the ATF15xx JTAG devices, resulting in easy prototyping of designs.
Commercial / Industrial EPLDs
Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters
CPLD ATF15xx Family-Industry Standard Compatible  Low Power high performance, In-system Programming  Industrial, Medical, Consumer, Wireline, Wireless  Low Power, ISP  

32 to 128 Macrocells,

5ns speed,

3.3V - 5.0V operation
CPLD-(F750C) Proprietary  Twice the density of a 22V10  Printers, Bus Interface logic, Counters  Low Power, Electrically Erasable  

20 FFs, 750 Gates

10 I/O Pins,

3.3V - 5.0V operation
 CPLD-(F2500C)Proprietary  Fully connected logic
array, flexible macrocell structure
 Power Management, Bus Arbitration  Electrically Erasable  

2500 gate,

24 Macrocells,

48 Registers,

5.0V Operation
 SPLD-Industry Standard Voltage and power-saving options.

EE-based for high-reliability and easy re-programming
 Glue Logic, Traffic Controllers, PAL replacement, Bus Interface, Memory Mapping  Electrically Erasable  

250 to 500 Gate, 5 ns speed,

3.3V - 5.0V operation
Military EPLDs
Microchip is a Military EPLD Supplier and manufactures PLDs that are compliant to the MIL-DSCC Class B flow. The ATF22V10C as well as ATF750C are recommended for military designs.

Microchip is committed to producing high-performance products for military and aerospace applications. Microchip's military EPLD offerings combine reliability and high performance demanded by today's military designers.

Microchip supports the DSCC Standard Military Drawing (SMD) program. Each SMD part number that Microchip supplies corresponds to an Microchip /883 part number. Microchip's DSSC SMD qualified EPLD products range from the Popular ATF22V10B to the high density ATF750C. The ATF2500C device which replaced the ATV2500B/BQ/BQL/BL is offered as a Military temperature tested device only.

Device(s) SMD Speed (ns) ICC (mA) Package
Type Max
 ATF22V10C-10NM/883  5962-89841163A  10  90  145  28 LCC
 ATF22V10C-10GM/883  5962-8984116LA  10  90  145  24 CerDip
 ATF22V10C-15NM/883  5962-89841153A  15  65  120  28 LCC
 ATF22V10C-15GM/883  5962-8984115LA  15  65  120  24 CerDip
 ATF22V10B-10NM/883  5962-89841063X  10  90  145  28 LCC
 ATF22V10B-10GM/883  5962-8984106LA  10  90  145  24 CerDip
 ATF22V10B-15NM/883  5962-89841033X  15  65  120  28 LCC
 ATF22V10B-15GM/883  5962-8984103LA  15  65  120  24 CerDip
 ATF750C-10GM/883  5962-0720101MLA  10  135  190  24 CerDip
 ATF750C-10NM/883  5962-0720101M3A  10  135  190  28 LCC
 ATF750C-15GM/883  5962-0720102MLA  15  135  190  24 CerDip
 ATF750C-15NM/883  5962-0720102M3A  15  135  190  28 LCC
Military Temperature Grade EPLD
Device(s) Speed (ns)  ICC (mA)  Package 
 Type Max 
 ATF2500C-20KM  20  80  130  44-pin JLCC
Email Sales for availability (stock) of older parts that have been discontinued such as the AT22V10, AT22V10L.