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Motor Control Simplified

Microchip offers a rapid prototyping solution that allows compiling and flashing a Simulink model of a motor control system into a dsPIC® DSC with a single push of a button. The Simulink blocksets and models are supported by Microchip’s devices and development boards for a complete hardware and software motor control solution. Together this will make prototyping your next motor control design easier.


Motor Control Library Blockset
Simulation blocks and code generation for motor control algorithms


16/32-bit Device Blocks for Simulink
Code generation blocks for dsPIC33 peripherals


PMSM Simulink Motor Model
Used to simulate PMSM motor in Simulink


Motor Control Dev Board
MCLV-2 or MCHV-2 Hardware platform for low voltage or high voltage motor control applications


dsPIC33EP "MC"
Motor Control Devices

Wide portfolio of dsPIC33 devices with specialized motor control peripherals


6 Steps to Simplify Motor Control Development

  1. Have MPLAB® X IDE and Simulink Tools on your computer
  2. Build your Simulink model using:
    • Simulink Motor Control Library Blockset
    • Simulink 16-bit Device Blocks
    • Simulink PMSM Motor Model
  3. Generate Code using the Simulink embedded code generator and MATLAB Plug-in for MPLAB X IDE
  4. Compile the MPLAB X IDE project & load code onto target motor control development board
    • MCLV-2 or MCHV-2
  5. Connect your board to your motor
  6. Run your code to spin a motor
The following webinar recording shows you how to do the 6 steps: