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dsPIC® DSC Product Family

Advanced Motor Control often does not require a DSP but benefits greatly from the DSP resources found on the dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs). For example, our sensorless field-oriented control algorithm makes use of the single cycle MAC with data saturation, zero overhead looping and barrel shifting to achieve stunning performance.


  • dsPIC33F/E DSC core
  • 40/70 MIPS, dsPIC33EP series - 3.3V & dsPIC33EV series - 5V
  • 12 KB to 536 KB Flash, 1 KB to 30 KB RAM
  • Dedicated time base with up to 8 motor control PWM outputs
  • Up to 2 quadrature encoder Interfaces
  • Up to 4 comparators with 19ns response time and having blanking function and digital filter
  • Integrated op amps for BoM optimization
  • Up to 16 channels, 10-bit resolution, 1.1 Msps high-speed conversion rate
  • 12-bit A/D converter (up to 0.5 Msps operation)
  • Up to eight input capture, output compare, standard PWM channels
  • Communication peripherals including UART, SPI, I²C, CAN and SENT
  • 20-pin to 100-pin package options
  • Extended and high temp (125°C and 150°C)

Microchip offers PIC24 MCU devices as well as dsPIC33E, dsPIC33F and dsPIC30F device families of dsPIC DSCs for Motor Control Applications.