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Product Overview

Microchip offers several MCU product families, each with a common CPU architecture. Each family has a different CPU performance level. This page will help you decide which product family and performance level is right for your motor control application. Once a product family is chosen, you can select the memory size, peripherals and number of I/O pins that you require. Each product family has many devices that are useful for motor control applications.

Some of the criteria that you can use to pick the right microcontroller (MCU) for your motor control application are:

  • CPU performance
  • Amount of memory
  • Type of peripherals
  • Number of I/O pins

Our 8-bit microcontrollers, 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers and 32-bit microcontrollers contain innovative on-chip peripherals designed specifically for motor control. With motor control devices from 8 to 144 pins, we have the perfect part for every application.