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SST49 Series Firmware Hub / Low-Pin-Count (LPC) Flash

The Low-Pin-Count (LPC) Firmware Flash/Firmware Hub is a family of Flash memory devices designed for system code and data storage. The LPC Flash and Firmware Hub complies with the Intel LPC Interface specification supporting multi-byte firmware memory and single-byte LPC memory cycle types.

Intel 82802 Firmware Hub (FWH)Intel Low Pin Count (LPC) Interface Specification 1.1


Technical Briefs

TitleDate PublishedSize
SST25VF064C to SST26VF064B/064BA Migration11/05/14111 KB

Flash Development Tools

TitlePart NumberDescription
Serial SuperFlash® Kit 2AC243008The Serial SuperFlash® Kit 2 allows evaluation of Microchip's Serial Flash Devices which are made using the SST SuperFlash® technology.Buy Now
SQI SuperFlash® Kit 1AC243009The SQI SuperFlash Kit 1 contains three Serial Flash Daughter Boards.Buy Now
Parallel SuperFlash Technology Kit 1AC243006-1This evaluation kit contains two Parallel Flash PICtail™ Plus Daughter Boards which are designed to interface with the PICtail Plus connector on the Explorer 16 Development Board.Buy Now