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Pre-Programmed EEPROMs

Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading provider of innovative and customized memory solutions. Our pre-programmed family of EEPROM devices enhances our commitment to providing you with solutions that will help you get to market faster. These devices offer you an easy, inexpensive and time saving solution to get pre-programmed EEPROMs in your application. Below is a summary of solutions Microchip offers:

MAC Address

Pre-Programmed IEEE EUI-48™ and EUI-64™ MAC Addresses.

  • EUI-48 & EUI-64 options
  • Factory Programmed in a 2 Kb, 256 Kb Serial EEPROMs
  • I2C, SPI, Microwire and UNI/O® Bus
  • Write-Protected, Globally Unique Codes
  • Applications: Wireless, Networking, Ethernet, Consumer, Bluetooth®

Unique ID

Pre-Programmed, Unique 32-bit Microchip defined Serial Number.

  • Factory Programmed 32-bit Serial Number in 2 Kb, 256 Kb EEPROM
  • Unique across all UID EEPROMs
  • I2C, SPI and UNI/O® Bus
  • Scalable to 48-bit, 64-bit, 128-bit and other ID lengths
  • Applications: Device Identification, Medical, Security, Authentication Application, Seeds for Random Number Generation.

Custom Programmed

User defined data can be pre-programmed in to any of our EEPROM devices.

Click here to go to the microchipDIRECT programming center and upload your data or contact your local sales office to get more information about this service.


Are the MAC ID's in the MAC Address Chips Globally Unique?
Yes, these pre-programmed MAC ID's from Microchip are globally unique. Microchip only uses Microchip OUI's in these devices. IEEE uses OUI's to ensure different organizations use different MAC ID's that won't overlap.
Are there any volume restrictions?
No, you can buy as many (or few) ID's as you need and these can be purchased as and when needed. Our MOQ on tube versions of our device is as low as 1 unit.
Can I tell the contents of the ID (not reading the EEPROM) when I purchase a EUI-48™ or EUI-64™ MAC ID? Can I select the range of MAC ID's I need?
No, unfortunately we service several thousand customers (direct and via distribution) worldwide and this will prove to be a very challenging logistical task to track which ID's reach which customers. As a result, the only way to tell the contents of the ID is by reading the actual EEPROM device directly. Microchip will only ship MAC Address EEPROM devices with Microchip OUI's (Organization Unique Identifier set aside for Microchip by IEEE). The list of possible Microchip OUI's is in the datasheet.
Can I use my EUI-48™ MAC address as an EUI-64™ Address?
The pre-programmed EUI-48 node address can easily be encapsulated at the application level to form a globally unique, 64-bit node address for systems utilizing the EUI-64 standard. This is done by adding 0xFFFE between the OUI and the Extension Identifier. For more information about this, refer to the datasheet. Alternatively, Microchip also offers a family of devices with a uniquely pre-programmed EUI-64™ node address for use in EUI-64 applications directly without the need for encapsulation, thereby simplifying system software.
I have my own MAC Address that I need pre-programmed in an EEPROM, can Microchip pre-program these for me?
No, Microchip is not authorized to sell other OUI's as a Microchip MAC Address Chip. However, if the volumes are big enough (1M+ units), we can certainly pre-program any data in to our standard EEPROMs and assign custom part numbers to them for your application. Please contact our local sales office to find out more about this service.
If I buy a reel of MAC Address or Unique ID EEPROMs, will the devices within a reel be serially programmed?
While we serially program these devices on wafer, they are often diced up, tested, packaged and stored in different patterns/combinations, which will disrupt their "serial-ness" - as a result, we don't guarantee them to be serially arranged within a reel.
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MAC Address Chips
Unique ID Chips

MAC Address ChipsMicrochip offers globally unique, factory programmed IEEE EUI-48™ and EUI-64™ MAC addresses in 2Kb or 256Kb EEPROM devices. These devices are available in I2C, SPI, Microwire and the UNI/O® Bus. Choose the right EUI-48 or EUI-64 device for you, click here.

What are EUI-48 and EUI-64 Addresses?

The EUI-48 and EUI-64 are globally unique 48-bit and 64-bit node address, defined by the IEEE to identify network hardware and peripherals. Also known as MAC addresses, these unique addresses represent the actual physical address of a device on a network.

Microchip has registered EUI-48 and EUI-64 OUI’s from IEEE and all of our pre-programmed EEPROM devices are shipped with an IEEE registered OUI. To find the right product for you, click here.

Where can I get EUI-48 and EUI-64 Addresses?

  • Option 1: You can register with the IEEE and source these addresses yourself. They cost either $550 for 4096 codes or $1600 for 16.7 million codes.
    • Disadvantages:
      • Only two volume options available – what if you need just a few to test out? What if you need more than 4096 codes but less than 16.7Million codes?
      • Once codes are purchased they need to be programmed and tested – this is time consuming and expensive.
  • Option 2: Purchase factory programmed MAC Address Chips (EEPROMs) directly from Microchip. We do all of the sourcing from IEEE, pre-program them at the factory and you can purchase as few or as many as you need. To find the right product for you, click here.

Benefits of Microchip MAC Address Chips:

  • Low Cost and Easy Access
  • EUI-48 and EUI-64 Options available
  • Easy to Use – available in standard I2C, SPI, Microwire and UNI/O® bus
  • You don’t need to buy/manage IDs – We do it for you
  • You don’t need to do Serialized Programming and Testing of codes (time consuming and expensive) – We do this for you at the lowest cost possible owing to our ability to do wafer level programming.
  • No volume restrictions – MOQ's as low as a single device
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Unique ID Chips

Need a low-cost, unique serial number for device identification or authentication in your application?

Unique ID chips from Microchip feature a unique 32-bit serial number pre-programmed into a write-protected area of a 2 Kb or a 256 Kb Serial EEPROM device. The 2 Kb EEEPROM devices is available in standard I2C, SPI and UNI/O® busses and has up to 1.5 Kb of user EEPROM for storing configuration settings or user data. The 256 Kb variant also features a pre-programmed EUI-48™ and EUI-64™ IEEE MAC address and offers 224 Kb of user EEPROM.

A variety of applications in the medical, consumer, connectivity, networking and wireless space need secure keys for a whole host of identification or authentication needs, these unique ID chips from Microchip offer you quick and easy access to unique serial numbers. For applications needing longer than 32-bit serial numbers, the unique ID can be extended to 48-bit, 64-bit, 96-bit, 128-bit and other custom lengths by increasing the number of bytes read from the memory. These pre-programmed IDs offer a low cost solution for customers looking for a unique serial number in their application and saves you expensive serialization and testing costs which you could incur if you pre-programmed these ID’s yourself.

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