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LIN Transceivers with Voltage Regulator and Relay Drivers

Microchip provides small but powerful LIN System Basis Chips (SBCs)that include two integrated relay drivers with integrated flyback diodes. The advanced features of the ATA6633xx enable you to design best-in-class motor control applications wherever an electric motor in a car must be controlled with relays in both directions. Some typical applications include window lifters, trunk openers, seat controls or sunroof motors.

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LIN System Basis Chip with Relay Drivers

Quick Glance:

  • Low Dropout Regulator (LDO): 3.3V/5V/85 mA ±2%
  • Two relay drivers including flyback diodes
  • High-voltage wake-up input
  • AECQ100 qualified

ATA663331 with 3.3V Voltage Regulator

ATA663354 with 5V Voltage Regulator