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Microchip’s infrared products are designed to meet a variety of application needs with distinct advantages that enable the embedded system designer to easily add infrared wireless connectivity.

Microchip’s product offering includes simple bit-encoding/decoding devices to complex products that embed the IrDA® protocol stack plus bit encoding/decoding functionality on one small 18-pin device.

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Application Notes and Design Guides

Application Note  Description  MCP2150  MCP2155  MCP2140  MCP2122  MCP2120
AN946 Interfacing the MCP2122 to the Host Controller 
AN941 Programming Windows® XP for Embedded IR Applications 
AN926 Programming the Pocket PC OS for Embedded IR Applications 
AN927 Data Throughput and the MCP215x 
AN923 Using the MCP2120 Developer’s Board for "IR Sniffing" 
AN888 Programming the Palm OS® for Embedded IR Applications 
AN243 Fundamentals of the Infrared Physical Layer 
TB073 Selecting an MCP21xx Device for IrDA® Applications 
AN858 Interfacing the MCP215x to Host Controller 
AN756 Using the MCP2120 for Infrared Communications 
AN758 Using the MCP2150 to add IrDA Standard Wireless Connectivity 
TB59 Using the MCP2150 Developer’s Board with MCP2155 
TB49 Connecting the MCP2150 to the Palm Operating System 
TB48 Connecting the MCP2150 to the Windows Operating System 
TB47 Connecting the MCP2150 to the Psion Operating System 
TB46 Connecting the MCP2150 to the Windows CE Operating System 

Additional Resources

DS51246A MCP2120/MCP2150 Developer's Kit User's Guide
ADN006 Wireless Communication using the IrDA Standard Protocol
Webinar "Wireless Communication Using the IrDA Standard Protocol"
20-Minute Web Seminar Presentation