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Wireless Smoke Detector

If your house is on fire early warning is key to safe escape. Often there are only minutes to escape and the sooner you know there is a fire, the sooner you can start to evacuate. But what if the fire is in the opposite end of your home and you don’t hear the smoke alarm? Interconnected alarms provide early warning against fire by adding additional coverage throughout your home.

This can dramatically increase your ability to hear an alarm anywhere in the home, regardless of where it starts. Additionally, wireless alerts could be sent directly to the Fire or Police departments. The wireless communication simplifies implementation in existing homes. This reference design can help kick-start your own wireless interconnected smoke detector design.

The Wireless Smoke Detector reference design is part of our Connected Home platform. At the heart of the design is a low-power nanoWatt XLP 8-bit PIC® microcontroller, the PIC16LF1825. The RE46C190 Photoelectric Smoke Detector IC provides all the required features for a photoelectric smoke detector with minimal external components. Any alarm conditions are transmitted via the MRF89XAM8A (or 9A) Sub-GHz wireless module. A single CR123 battery provides power to the board.

Wireless Smoke Detector large

Key Features

  • Alarm event triggers all alarms in network
  • Easy setup with automatic wireless node detection
  • Power supplied by single CR123 3V battery
  • Low-power sleep modes lead to long battery life
    • PIC Microcontroller
      • 50 nA sleep mode
      • 0.5 μA LPWDT operation in sleep mode
    • Transceiver Module 0.1 μA sleep mode
  • Remote access capability
    • Receive remote alarm alerts
    • Remotely test alarm functionality
    • Remotely monitor battery voltage
  • RF Module Agency Certifications for Europe, US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

Getting Started

Microchip Products

  • Sub-GHz transceiver module
    • 868 MHz MRF89XAM8A
    • 915 MHz MRF89XAM9A
  • 8-bit MCU PIC16LF1825
  • Photoelectric smoke detector IC RE46C190

Available Reference Material

  • Circuit schematics
  • Gerber Files
  • Bill of materials
  • Software

For information on the Connected Home Concentrator, please email appliance@microchip.com.

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