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Wireless Energy Monitor

Have you ever wondered how much energy your blender, toaster, coffee maker or other appliance is using? With the ever increasing cost of energy, understanding consumption patterns is a very important part of minimizing energy usage. The Wireless Energy Monitor enables the real-time collection of consumption data as well as remote on/off control. The data can be viewed locally by connecting via an ad hoc Wi-Fi® connection or remotely by connecting to a cloud server. This reference design can help kick-start your own connected home, smart appliances or smart energy designs.

The Wireless Energy Monitor is part of our Connected Home platform. At the heart of the design is a low-power nanoWatt XLP 16-bit PIC ® Microcontroller, the PIC24FJ256GA106. Energy consumption is monitored by the MCP3901, a two-channel analog front end with high-accuracy 16/24-bit delta-sigma A/D converters. The SST25VF032B supplies 32 Mbit of Flash to store data locally in off-line mode. Date and time stamps are kept accurate by the stand alone RTCC, MCP79410 with battery backup. The energy consumption data is transmitted via the agency certified (e.g. FCC) MFR24WB0MA Wi-Fi module.


Key Features

  • Accurately measure voltage and current
  • Minimal vampire current
  • Ad hoc and infrastructure Wi-Fi modes
  • Relay on/off control of load via webpage

Getting Started

Microchip Products

  • PIC24FJ256GA106 16-bit MCU
  • MRF24WB0MA agency-certified Wi-Fi module
  • MCP3901 energy monitor
  • MCP79410 RTCC
  • MCP1754T +5V LDO
  • MCP16301 +3.3V
  • SST25VF032B 32 Mbit SPI Serial Flash

Available Reference Material

  • Circuit schematics and gerber files
  • Bill of materials
  • Software

For information on the Connected Home Concentrator, please email appliance@microchip.com.

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