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Connected Home Concentrator

As more gadgets are being added to Home Area Networks, consumers are faced with the challenge of getting multiple wireless communication protocols to work together. For example, a single home could contain devices that use Wi-Fi® (thermostats, security systems, entertainment devices), Sub-GHz MiWi (temperature sensors, humidity sensors, control devices), and ZigBee® (smart appliances, energy monitors). The Connected Home Concentrator is a reference design of a single device that can bridge multiple wireless protocols.

The design starts with a Wi-Fi module and has room for two additional footprint-compatible RF modules. Thus, based on needs a ZigBee module could be combined with either an 868 MHz or 915 MHz Sub-GHz module. The onboard memory can be used to store data in off-line mode for later transmission. The PIC32 microcontroller manages all interactions in the concentrator as well as enabling high levels of security when connecting to the cloud.

The available reference material could help kick start your own design.

Connected Home Concentrator

Key Features

  • Includes three wireless modules
  • Internal PCB antennas
  • Plug-in directly to wall outlet
  • 80~220 Vac at 50 or 60 Hz
  • On-board memory for data storage
  • EEPROM or Flash
  • Common gateway for multiple protocols
  • Small footprint
    • 4.12" × 2.23" × 1.51"

Getting Started

Microchip Products

  • Sub-GHz transceiver module
    • MRF89XAM9A: 915 MHz, America
    • MRF80XAM8A: 868 MHz, Europe
    • MRF24J40MA: 802.15.4™ Transceiver Module
    • MRF24WB0MA: 802.11b™ Transceiver Module
    • PIC32MX695F512H: 32-bit Microcontroller

Available Reference Material

  • Circuit schematics
  • Gerber files (board layout)
  • Bill of materials
  • Software

For more information, please email appliance@microchip.com

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