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Fiber Optic Module Controllers

Microchip offers a family of fiber optic module controllers which enable the implementation of sophisticated, hot-pluggable fiber optic transceivers with intelligent laser control and an internally calibrated digital diagnostic monitoring interface per SFF-8472. They essentially integrate all non-datapath functions of an SFP transceiver into a small package (3 x 3 mm or 4 x 4 mm). These controllers also work well as a microcontroller peripheral in transponders or 10 Gbps transceivers.

A highly configurable Automatic Power Control (APC) circuit controls laser bias. Bias and modulation are temperature compensated using dual DACs, an on-chip temperature sensor and NVRAM look-up tables. A programmable internal feedback resistor provides a wide dynamic range for the APC and power monitoring. Controlled laser safety features and turn-on facilitates hot plugging. The I2C- SMBus-compliant serial interface allows for the communication with the host MCU. The MIC3003 controller works over an extended temperature range.


  • Integrates all FOM modules, no data path functions
  • SFF-8472 MSA compliant
  • Easy module parameters settings, no programming required
  • Small package
  • Low power