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Visual Design Tools

MPLAB®Harmony's Visual Design Tools enable designers to develop of interactive graphics user interfaces (GUIs) by reducing the need to memorize graphics object information and improving the edit-compile-execute cycle and allows developers to work in the same space as users.

mplab harmony
mplab harmony configurator
  • Concept to glass in minutes without writing a single line of code.
  • Configure projects for your GUI requirements.
  • Drag and drop widgets and objects directly into the design with WYSIWYG design simplicity.
  • Extend your brand by importing custom images.
  • Design directly for MPLAB Harmony Graphics Primitive Library
  • New Display Manager plug-in for prototyping new and non-standard displays that are not supported in MPLAB Harmony

MHGC is fully integrated in MHC, which is available as a MPLAB X IDE plug-in. See details on how to install MHC.

MPLAB® Harmony Graphics Composer provides more tools to help you create your GUI faster and better.

new display manager

Display Manager Plug-in

Display Manager plug-in enables quick support for new and unsupported displays in MPLAB Harmony. 

Display Manager GUI within MHC

  • Brings relevant configuration settings to one screen
  • Provides simulated timing characteristics

Adaptive LCC graphics driver

  • Generated base on configuration settings
  • Supports standard and non-standard display sizes

Display Manager Supports Any Display Resolution and Orientation

  • Provides ease of configuration to graphical displays within the Harmony framework
  • Fast prototyping of new displays
  • Cuts down development time from weeks to hours
  • Seamless conversion of datasheet timing values to simulated timing waveform
  • Generates tailor fit customized driver utilizing LCCG technology
  • Supports non-standard display resolutions and aspect ratios
  • Lowers the barrier of entry for novice graphics developers

Event Manager

The Graphics Composer Event Manager provides a GUI interface to manage all of the events associated with a graphics application.

  • Rapid event handler configuration.
  • Button pushes, key strokes, touch gestures
  • Ties actions to events associated with graphics widgets as well as events outside of the graphics library

Image, Font, and String Asset Managers

Provides valuable tools for understanding and modifying the affects that fonts and pictures have on your overall graphics design.

  • Configure memory allocations for graphics assets, including external media
  • Resize, crop and reformat images for optimal quality and memory usage
  • Manage languages, fonts and strings
  • Direct fonts to specific locations in memory
  • Support for dynamic string, glyph, and string table management

Resource Allocation Monitor

  • Provides a detailed report of asset allocation
  • Very Helpful for optimizing flash resource management

Heap Usage Calculator

  • Provides accurate estimate of heap consumption base on assets and screen design
  • Significant development time saver

Advanced Visual Help

  • Integrated directly into Composer
  • Supported for every widget and layer

SEGGER emWin Pro Library

emWin from SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH and Co. KG is a software graphics library that provides efficient GUI building blocks for applications that operate with a graphical LCD.

  • Complete ANSIC code, no need to use C++
  • RTOS independent
  • GUIBuilder drag-and-drop design interface
  • Robust graphics widget and shape drawing library
  • Alternative for MPLAB Harmony Graphics Object Library and Primitive Layer
  • SEGGER development tool chain and utilities
  • Integrated with MPLAB Harmony Configurator

Free for Microchip Users and available as part of MPLAB Harmony Software Framework