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Functional Safety Ready

This product is recommended for design into functional safety applications. The standards for functional safety depend on the market that is targeted, including standards like ISO 13849, IEC 61508, IEC 60730 and ISO 26262. These standards support multiple levels of rigorousness, which are applied depending on the likelihood and severity of the hazard. The methods of addressing hazards range from detecting single-point failures and putting the system into a safe state, to full redundancy where failures should not only be detected but also corrected without any interruption or degradation of service. We intend to assist you with achieving first-time success with functional safety requirements for your safety-critical applications.

Functional Safety Ready Icon

Functional Safety Ready

A product that contains the “Functional Safety Ready” designation has been carefully selected as one that encompasses the latest features and support collateral available from Microchip, including integrated safety features, safety manuals, FMEDA reports and, in some cases, diagnostic software. Certain products also have qualified development tools including TÜV SÜD-certified MPLAB® XC Compiler Licenses for Functional Safety for microcontroller (MCU) devices.

We offer a number of products that enable system-level compliance to functional safety. All these items make it easier to develop applications that conform to the functional safety standards, thereby reducing the work and cost of the final product compliance.

In addition to the support that comes with the Functional Safety Ready designation, specific products also provide:

  • Specialized hardware features, including fault prevention, self-diagnostic, system diagnostic and fault mitigation
  • FMEDA to quantify the device’s fault modes, their FIT rate distribution and corresponding detection methods to help create a coverage plan
  • Safety manual that offers a blueprint of how the device should be used for the safest operation; provides more details on the fault detection methods named in the FMEDA and includes a description of dependent failures and hardware features for detecting systematic failures
  • Diagnostic software that is useful for achieving fault coverage for the hardware device
  • VDE- and UL-certified Class B libraries
  • TÜV SÜD-certified MPLAB XC Licenses for Functional Safety (ISO 26262, IEC 61508, IEC 62304 and IEC 60730), including classification documentation for MPLAB X IDE and MPLAB debuggers and programmers
  • AEC-Q100-qualified silicon
  • Certified IATF 16949 quality management systems
  • Third party tool access including benchmarking software and compliance management tools (LDRA)

If you are interested in learning more about our functional safety standards and product qualifications, please visit the Functional Safety Design Center or contact your local Microchip sales office for safety manuals and FMEDA reports.