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EtherGREEN™ - Smart, Low-Power, Energy-Efficient Platform

Microchip’s strong commitment to green networking is supported by its innovative EtherGREEN platform. EtherGREEN is a smart, low-power, energy-efficient platform that is broadly integrated across Microchip’s portfolio of reliable, high-quality, and high-performance Ethernet PHY, Switch and Controller solutions.

In key applications, Microchip’s EtherGREEN-based products are capable of providing more than 50% lower power consumption compared to previous-generation products. In addition, Ultra-Deep Sleep offers the industry's lowest Ethernet standby microAmp current consumption, suitable for battery or battery-backup applications.

Microchip’s EtherGREEN-based solutions are ideal for addressing the growing demand for low-power Ethernet solutions that enable smart, easy, and reliable network connectivity for all your embedded designs.

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